The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo August 21st: And A King Will Die

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

CONFUCIUS, att: The Power of One

On the 21st of August at 19.29 BST, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Sun, not really visible for most of us in Europe, but able to be seen across a large part of the USA.

Eclipses occur in “families” called Saros Series, with each family cycle running for approximately 1300 years, producing eclipses every 18 years. The Eclipse on the 21st of August this year, belongs to the cycle: Saros Series 1 North, and it was birthed on the 4th of January 1649. So when I am looking at the potential meaning of this eclipse, in a natal chart, I am looking at the original “seed chart” as a packet of “energy” and how that integrates with a persons chart. Everyone will feel this eclipse slightly differently, and in a different way, but its broader meaning remains the same. This particular eclipse, is also conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus, which I feel gives it added meaning in terms of world events.

1a1a2c9f17932b080ac593adbcd935ef--sumerian-assyrian-artEclipses have assumed importance since ancient times, and were some of the first recorded astrological phenomena.  In regards to the Fixed Star Regulus, the Persians saw it as the “Watcher in the North” and linked the star to their  mythical King, Feridun, who, according to their stories, once ruled the entire known world. Feridun in his old age decided to divide his kingdom among his three sons; however, the two eldest fell upon and murdered the younger brother in order to take his lands. This act so grieved Feridun, that he took revenge upon his two elder sons and the resulting battle destroyed the kingdom. The importance of the story is that it is a myth which goes beyond the military honors and success associated with Regulus. Like the 3 other Royal stars, great success can be gained, but only by facing a particular nemesis, for Regulus, this nemesis is revenge.

So, my insight into this Eclipse is as follows, and you can use this on a personal, or political level. In respect of what has been happening between two certain world leaders lately, they may want to consult their Astrologers, and take heed!

lion-2427389_1280The Natal Moon of the USA is at 27 degrees of Aquarius, whilst the Natal Saturn of North Korea is at 28 degrees of Leo… we can immediately see how the threat of North Korea looms large to the homeland of America, and especially now, as this point is stimulated by The Eclipse. Add into that the fact that the respective “political leaders” of both these nations have natal Mars positions that are in opposition, in Aquarius and Leo, we can see how things might be positioned to be affected by this up coming Solar Eclipse.

“There are likely to be unexpected events in regards to groups that you are connected with, and this could place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships. This situation could loom large as the eclipse affects the chart, but you are advised not to make hasty decisions, as the information that you have to hand, may not be the whole story, which may be especially relevant in regards to anyone with health issues. There may be a tendency to think the worst, but you are encouraged not to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Reform may well be required, but the message is , that reform from the inside would be more effective than attacking from the outside. High principles and the belief in your own right thinking, may lead to fanatical or incendiary moves, and although you may feel that things are best done your own way, you are encouraged to try to use diplomacy wherever possible, making sure that you have done all that you can do, rather than point the finger at another. The ego will be challenged, and tempers may well flare, but revenge must be avoided at all costs, otherwise you may take action that is later regretted. You may experience feelings of great tension in certain situations, and look for ways to resolve it, to try to offset the frustration and irritability, but in most cases it will be better to try to wait until after September 5th to make any long lasting or life changing decisions. By then, the current eclipse season will be over, and clarity will have entered the picture.”


For a more esoteric interpretation of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, I will be posting my usual Magical thoughts. Tarot Insights and a Spread to look at the energy of the moment, later in the week. In the mean time “where does the eclipse fall in your chart?”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I am often to be found with my head deep in some arcane book, or delving into some new divinatory art. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life.

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