The Daily Oracle Thursday March 1st: Full Moon in Virgo

The struggle of my life created empathy – I could relate to pain, being abandoned, having people not love me.     

Oprah Winfrey

Today may find you in a wistful mood, where you look back on what you had, and to wonder where it went. You may be forced to admit that putting on a good show to the outside world, may not in fact warrant success, and that work is to be done in order to maintain your position. You may understand today, the importance of something that you feel is worth fighting for, and that it will take action on your part, rather than just receiving the applause. Your game plan hasn’t really changed, you still want the same things, it just seems today that you recognise more clearly, the hard work that still needs to be done, if you are to hold on to that which is most dear to you.

The Full Moon later tonight, falls in the middle decan of Virgo, and highlights a strong Pisces line up, that involves Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. A healing process that has been ongoing since September last, may now reach some sort of resolution, and you may find that it is time to let go of cherished hopes in regards to something. If this is the case, through doing so, you enable the full healing process to take effect, for the layers that you have been dealing with, run far deeper than you may imagine. Pisces governs the endless waters of the “collective” and through Pisces, you are connected to the rest of the human experience, the global consciousness, and become representative, in your daily life, of all those who have gone before you. Allow the powerful and numinous tides of Pisces to release all that you no longer need to carry, to let it return home, to the source

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practicing some new form of divination whilst burning the dinner! My children wish I was “normal” but will be delighted in the end, that I’m not. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice, in offering guidance, empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here. 

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Header Art Credit: Alexander Sigov, and for a comprehensive review of the Sharman-Caselli deck, there is a good one HERE

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