Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse in Cancer “Beyond Eden”

If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.” – David Suzuki

On January 10th we have The Full Moon in Cancer (also a Lunar Eclipse in some areas, check your area HERE), the culmination of a six month period that originated on July 2nd last year, with a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer. 

When writing these posts, which I often sketch out months in advance, ie the image and the quote in consideration of the astrology of the moment, I am always intrigued  by what has come to my attention by the time I come to fill out the “body” of the post.

Already raging in the Autumn, the bushfires in Australia have gone beyond anything thatENlIQRvWsAAFItC anyone can remember before. Unprecedented damage on the natural habitat of this area, seems to have come through a combination of a lack of awareness of the importance of the indigenous practice of “bush care” and the fact that Australia, one of the most unique habitats on earth, has suddenly become the living embodiment of what is now happening to “Planet Earth” through our industrialisation and capitalisation…. Australia is literally “On Fire”. 

God Judging AdamWhen I looked today at the image that I chose for this post last autumn, God Judging Adam, by William Blake, I was struck firstly by the flames…. which seems to be all I am seeing at the moment on much of the news…. whether it is the terrible forest fires, or the airstrikes and war games that are the result of the ridiculous posturing of weak politicians. The Met describes this painting so:  “A nude and aged Adam, newly aware of his own nakedness and mortality, hangs his head before a fiery chariot bearing the divine maker whom he resembles exactly.”

What I noticed too, was the “aged” Adam…. that after all this time, we STILL cannot see, that through hurting the planet, we are only hurting ourselves…. I equate the figure Adam here as representing the human race, and of “God” here in the chariot, as representing the planet……..

woodstockComing back from my early morning walk this morning, the radio gave me another reminder of what I needed to finish writing, with a song called Woodstock, from Matthews Southern Comfort, and written by Joni Mitchell…. the chorus lines are “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get back to the garden” and when I found the full lyrics later, they sent shivers down my spine…. 

Its fifty years since that song was written and things haven’t got any better, with the USA government, still fighting foreign wars.

This Full Moon falls in a decan that highlights “Feast & Famine”, “Riches & Plenty”…. and to know when “Enough is Enough”….. and I think that the take-home for this last six months period, this Lunar Lesson if you will, is that maybe that we need to know, on all levels, whether it is global or personal…how to break the cycle, because one thing is certain – things cannot go on like this.

The Tarot cards pictured here, all relate astrologically to the current Full Moon, and the energy that it is bringing to the table, and it’s all there in plain sight…. The Devil, The Chariot, Luxury & Power…. need I really say more??? (especially just after Christmas!!!!)

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This Full Moon is a powerful reminder of timing, to know when enough is enough, and to set yourself free from what binds you into old patterns, and which consequently “keeps you small”. 

This dynamic applies to the personal and the collective… will we be enslaved forever? to our appetites?, our desires?, our fears?, our politics?, our need to be controlled?… or can we break free, can we get back to the garden?   

The Astrologers Diary 

131_WOYS_wheel-of-year-pagan-holiday-calendar-900x900The Full Moon every month offers an opportunity to release old cycles, and as an Astrologer, I find it to be a useful exercise for myself and in working with others, to use the energy of each particular Full Moon, according to the Sabian Symbol that it falls on, together with the position in which it falls in the Natal Chart. Such considerations can be invaluable in steering through ups and downs, and in becoming “easy” with the ebb and flow of what life brings.  This particular Full Moon highlights the following cycle: 


In its deepest sense the symbol refers to THE PRICE OF SUCCESS — for the individual, as well for as the collectivity acclaiming him or her. What is success really worth? A question few people ask.

This particular cycle for me, has found me reading a book by a April Danann, who I was privileged to meet last year, (actually just a few days after the beginning of this cycle, in July….) one of those meetings that you know will stay with you forever. She is one wise lady, a healer who lives fairly close to me, and who helped me, in one afternoon, to see very clearly what I needed to do next to make myself better. You can read more about here HERE if you are curious. The book I have just read was perfect for what I need to do next… and if you are curious about that too, you can get it on kindle quite cheaply on Amazon.

With this Full Moon falling in my 7th house, along with the current Jupiter Saturn Pluto activity… there is a great deal of “old” stuff coming up that really needs to get binned, for good… and now I have the tools to do it! 

This kind of “house-keeping” engendered by the Moon’s cycle can be invaluable in keeping “on track” with life, rising to the inner rhythms, and flowing with the lunar tides. wom1Knowing which houses the Full Moon falls in, and whether it is in close aspect with any planets in your chart can be an invaluable tool, along with the wider cycle of the Progressed Moon, for discovering the secret rhythms of your daily life. 

A free natal chart wheel can be set up at www.astro.com  

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer


My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives for now Head Shot Fadein the South West of Ireland. Throughout my life, I have watched as the planets have woven their stories into my life; as Jupiter has brought me the desires of my deepest longings and as Pluto has torn my life into shreds, and eaten the remains. I have answered the clarion calls of Saturn, as he has brought me to new lands, to hardship, and also to deep learning, and have also witnessed that he has never left my side. Uranus has ensured that I have not stayed in any one location for very long, whilst Mars & Venus have led me by the nose on far more occasions than I care to recall, but who have also brought their passionate efe5e34ac3b2f4dc8d851a9fa3eb13d1creative spirit to the fore in my life. Neptune has beguiled and confused me, but also entranced and inspired, whilst Mercury has made certain that I have studied the reasons “why” for everything to the “nth” degree. The Moon, my eternal guide on this journey and the lady of my own chart, has given me my deep love of The Stars, steering me ever onwards along the path to seek The Sun.

At this stage in my life, it is time to give back….. and my long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic, productive and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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