The Aries Ingress 2022 War And peace

“God is the same everywhere.”

― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

As the Sun passes from Pisces into Aries, which it does around the 21st March every year, give or take a day or two, it marks the point of The Spring Equinox, and we enter a new astrological year, the beginning of a new era.

Kerry Ram

Despite the chaos going on in the world, we feel renewed, and are able to recognize the potential that is inherent in this time, to help us to sever any unhealthy connections that we may have to the events of the old year, so that we can begin again on a new or perhaps wiser footing. Emerging from the watery womb of Pisces, into the broad light of this new day, we may be blinking with the strength of this powerful light, dazzled by the potentials, or indeed the emptiness which lies before us. Gone are the confusing and cloying thoughts that may have held us in a fast embrace for the last while; there is a whole new world lying ahead of us that needs discovering. It is traditionally the time for “Spring Cleaning”, on all levels, which may indeed include the “seasonal flu”, which is why my post did not get out on time. Feeling renewed and full of energy after my two weeks of rest, novel reading and generally “slacking” I feel the strength and vitality returning to my limbs, recognizing through the process how lethargic, tired and generally out of sorts I had been without realizing it.

My renewed zest for life has been channeled into the garden, because, lets face it, the world ‘out there’ seems to be going crazier than ever, and I can perceive a greater wisdom in the movement of earthworms than I can in The World Economic Forum who seem to be pulling many of the global political strings lately.

Who knows, I could be living on Kale by 2023, so I may extend my vegetable selection this year to include some carrots and parsnips, I will need strong roots, if the forecasts are anything to go by!

Ingress charts are timed for when planets move into a sign, and traditionally, a “yearly” snapshot of national outcomes is gained by looking at the moment when the Sun moves into 0 degrees of Aries, at the Spring Equinox. Depending on the resulting chart ascendant, it may also be necessary to look further into the charts of the Cancer Ingress- Summer Solstice, Libra Ingress- Autumn Equinox and even the Capricorn Ingress or Winter Solstice.

Although the planetary alignment will be the same all over the world at the Spring Equinox, because of the differing time zones and distribution of countries over the surface of the planet, they will be scattered through the houses of the horoscope differently, so while Leo rises in Dublin, Ireland, Virgo will be rising in London, UK, and Aquarius will be rising in Canberra, Australia. This subtlety brings different areas of the chart into focus, so similar themes are more important in different countries.

A few things stand out in particular in this year’s ingress chart. The Moon, which traditionally represents “the people” in this kind of chart, women in general and where the attention of the public is focused, is placed in the very last minutes of Libra. This area of the zodiac, is known as the ‘via combusta’ or ‘fiery way’ and suggests a population that is literally ‘burnt out’. This really encapsulates much of the feeling that I am getting from around the place, that folks are just worn out with the drama of all the things that are and have been happening in the world…. now that we seem to be in year three of ‘melt down’. Add to this that the Moon is just about to move into Scorpio, a sign that, traditionally, it is not at all happy in, world matters from the perspective of the common person, is likely to be filled with foreboding. The need for ‘survival’ will be coming to the fore, and it may seem as if the good times, the times of harmony are becoming a thing of the past.

Another planet that is not well placed in this chart is Mercury, also in its fall, in the sign of Pisces. Applying to a conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune, Mercury is the chart ruler for the Ingress charts of the UK, Russia, Ukraine and most European countries, also the US, so this debilitated Mercury is a strong feature in these charts. I am interpreting this as an ever greater swing towards left wing idealism with an increase in propaganda and misinformation. Actually discerning the truth of what is occurring is likely to become more and more difficult as the year goes on, with local supply lines, communications and telecoms which are also associated with Mercury, being affected; in fact the issues regarding supplies are already affecting us. Another aspect of this configuration is the “freedom convoy” movement… still relevant as it continues throughout the US, although not receiving much international coverage.



This year, the Aries ingress chart in Ireland is governed by Leo (a fixed sign) rising, we can content ourselves initially with a single chart for the year, meaning the Sun is chart ruler, exalted in Aries, and placed in the eighth house. This suggests to me that issues surrounding the country’s rather enthusiastic and unsustainable borrowing habits may well be creating problems for the coming year. Ireland’s debt will be brought into focus, and with an unstable and draining financial position, inflation and a weak government that is stuck between a rock and a hard place, we cannot expect much, to be honest. Visitors from overseas, travelling for vacations are likely to be lower than we might have expected, something of an unpleasant surprise perhaps for a government relying on that income arriving.

There will continue to be attention drawn to misdemeanors concerning people in care systems, hospitals and asylums including those of the past that were carried out by the state and the religious houses. Financial compensation may well be discussed, but satisfaction is unlikely at this stage, as it is unlikely that as a country that we will be able to afford to as funds will be going towards paying off national debt and the increasing amounts required for social welfare payments.

Weak and confused communications from government together with a lack of transparency are likely to be a feature this year. Although government may feel that they are putting their best foot forward, really they have very little room for maneuver, with a growing lack of trust and increasing complaints about the erosion of basic standards of living and working. Difficulties within the large government run institutions, particularly the health service are likely to become a focus for negative attention. Disillusioned with top down control, people could begin turning once again to the local communities for support, as a more reliable and fairer alternative. Inflation and weak buying power is likely to remain, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we start to experience sudden disruptions in power supplies and other resources. The overall sense that I get, is of an ailing king with no obvious successor, who knows his time draws close.


The United States is having a bit of a moment, as it is experiencing it’s Pluto return, meaning that Pluto, which moves very slowly, has returned to the position that it was at the foundation of the state in 1776. With a Gemini ascendant, the chart is ruled by that debilitated Mercury, which is placed prominently in the 10th house of government. The general state of the people is not strong, and as the year passes their situation will become weaker and weaker. With a focus from the US government on foreign affairs and conflict this year, the population will be left to concern themselves with failing food supplies, a loss of resources and concerns over their children. Health, or lack of it, always a concern, will continue to generate unexpected events, fierce opposition and demands for personal freedom of choice and autonomy. Currency issues are likely to be a strong force to contend with, and the early indications so far are that inflation in the US has risen to the highest level for decades, something that seems likely to impact spending on pleasurable activities, schooling and all things to do with children.

With a mutable sign rising, we look also to the Libra Ingress for further news, and I think that there will be some major governmental change in the US between September and March 2023. I have long thought that some semblance of the ‘civil war’ would come into play over these few years, and I see a country becoming further and further divided, over extended and out of touch with it’s own population. With Uranus rising and Pluto on the mid-heaven, this is not a restful chart and it does look as though there may well be some internal uprisings going on over the winter, with tough crackdowns by government. With Saturn placed right on the ‘natal’ Moon of the US, a country that has a large focus in Cancer, it does look as if hard times may be arriving for many there.

The United Kingdom

With Virgo rising, this chart is also ruled by Mercury, who also rules the second house, the national finances. The main focus for the UK, like other countries will be on finance, so, inflation, debt to foreign countries in particular here and a weak currency. I would also expect lawsuits in relation to health matters and some unexpected events there. Communications and supply lines will also be of concern, with perhaps oil in particular being impacted, with unexpected events perhaps affecting the UK’s supply in some way.

The year is likely to continue with more austerity, difficulties with the transport system and a very disgruntled public.


Another Virgo ascendant, Turkey’s chart highlights the part it plays in international negotiations due to its pivotal geographical position. In general, the focus of the population is likely to be on money, fear of the future and the hard times that will be coming. The government is likely to experience reduced popularity among its voters who may find that the big promises are not then delivered upon. A strong point for Turkey is it’s wealth of natural resources, which during this year will prove valuable. Later on in the year, potentials for foreign conflict arise as Turkey seeks to protect it’s own.


With Sagittarius rising, a strong Jupiter rules the chart for China, whose focus looks to be at home, developing its own sizable resources. Health issues are likely to be a problem though, with unexpected or sudden events concerning the ‘health of the workers’ affecting communications and travel systems. Relations with other countries are unlikely to go particularly well, but for the moment it seems unlikely that this will be an issue for China, who will be more concerned with its own agenda.


With fixed sign Aquarius ascending, Australia’s chart will hold for a full year. Ruled by a strong and angular Saturn, the situation is likely to remain quite stable in comparison to other countries, although it is likely that the government will find themselves increasingly under attack for heavy handed tactics. Financially, matters seem to be more stable than in other countries although we might expect wrangling over land and resource ownership, working out whose is whose. Matters to do with health are likely to be of a major concern to the population, especially the health of children, and the governments role in this; law suits in connection with this are a possibility together with difficulties in pursuit of these due to confusion and misinformation.

I am in no way a political expert, so my insights come mainly from looking at the astrological charts. Overall, the indications are not encouraging, the overall “astrological weather” has not been settled for some time for we are at a time of great seismic shifts, which of course affect us all. It is not my aim to be all doom and gloom, but rather to seek the prevailing conditions. Today it is sunny, and I have two apple trees to plant, apples that are sacred to Venus, the planet of harmony. Next week it could be raining, so then I will do “rainy day activities”, perhaps start that new book that I have waiting, which will open up another world entirely. The forecast for this year, tells me that growing more food might be a good habit to get into; to be prepared for disruption; to not listen too much to the news, as it often pedals someone else’s agenda; it tells me that people are fearful, more so than ever, because deep down they can sense change is coming, but also that it is not my job to reassure them with false hope.

The soil in my garden is good, I have been tending it over the last couple of years and it is full of worms, busy with what they do, I see that as a good sign, and I focus on my own small patch. None of us can control what is going on in the greater world, we can only decide what happens inside us and to an extent in our immediate surroundings. I am growing vegetables and staying positive for the universe…. if there are enough of us who are positive, it won’t matter how much negativity is thrown out by the propaganda machines. Today is all we have, and today, the sun is shining. ❤

Joanna Grant is an astrologer of some 30 years and gained her Diploma at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2012. Weaving her knowledge of the stars together with intuitive tarot techniques, she crafts highly personalised guidance for clients who are often navigating difficult life transitions. Lately, she has been very excited to breathe new life into her astrological practice through her study of Horary, where the traditional techniques of the ancients have helped her to interpret her knowledge in a whole new way. Having recently completed the STA Advanced Level Horary Diploma, she feels that in an uncertain world, the integrity of this tradition is an essential tool in giving clients the guidance they seek.

You can read more about her here.

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