Full Moon in Cancer-January 6th 2023- Nurture Your Potentials

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

~ Marcus Aurelius
Otherkin Tarot-Siolo Thompson

Cancer Middle Decan
17th degree


The urge to actualise one’s birth potential.

Dane Rudhyar

In the second face of Cancer ascends a woman with a beautiful face, and a crown of green myrtle on her head and the stem of a plant that is called the water lily in her hand, singing songs of love and joy.

In the second face of Capricorn ascends a man with a typical monkey before him. This is the face for seeking impossibilities or things that nobody has prevailed in achieving. This is its form.

The descriptions from Picatrix, of the two decans occupied by the coming Full Moon, give a clear description of the culminating point of this particular lunar cycle.

Considering the two images as given by the positions of the Moon, and the Sun, we see pictured both joy and frustration as we perhaps recognise that we have been trying to attempt the impossible. At this Full Moon, we might be drawn to consider how much time we are perhaps wasting, on trying to achieve or materialise things that have little emotional value. How are we “making monkeys of ourselves” at the expense of what nurtures us, what feeds as, what gives us true joy.

The woman with a beautiful face is crowned with Green Myrtle, a plant native to the Meditterranan and sacred to the goddess of love, Aphrodite. This beautifully scemted shrub was introduced into English gardens during Elizabethan times, and is common in old gardens in more sheltered locations as it thrives in the mild damp and temperate climates of the south west; it is common where I live in the south west of Ireland, often covered in blossoms at Belteanne, or May Day which connects back into its ancient association with Venus the planet of love and its use in wedding garlands and bouquets. A cutting of the Myrtle used in Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet was cultivated, and every royal wedding bouquet since that time has contained a cutting from the resulting tree.

The Lily is also associated in mythology with love, purity and fertility, so the combination of these two flowers, underlines this decan’s connection with nurturing, growth, love and care. This Full Moon might therefor be taken as an opportunity to concentrate on what we already have, that can be nurtured and cherished, to grow the seeds of potential that we already contain, rather than hungering after desired results which have no foundation in ourselves.

Perfecting with the Sun in conjunction with a retrograde, combust and peregrine Mercury, this Full Moon illuminates issues concerning communications, connections, networks and service sectors of all kinds, the same which have been sorely tested through Mars’s long retrograde transit through Gemini. The difficulties which have beset the smooth running of communities through the disruption of communication, travel and power networks of all kinds are likely to come to the notice of government bodies in some way. However, satisfactory resolutions are unlikely to be forthcoming immediately. The subsequent Venus-Mars trine in air signs does give some indication that negotiations could be forthcoming, but with Venus in the Saturn ruled sign of Aquarius and closing into a conjunction with Saturn, it could well be all give on Venus’s side, Mars’s position, still retrograde is not much help.

So….For that all important question!!

“How will this Full Moon affect me?”

Read for your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

Aries loves the beginning of anything new, and the New Year is no different. On a high, because everything will be different this year, you could face some harsh truths regarding your position in society and how this reflects on home life. It is difficult to feel secure and safe if finances are unpredictable, and unexpected health issues or communication breakdowns could impede Aries’s natural love of innovation and the desire to explore new potentials. However, a natural talent for changing things could help you make the best of a difficult situation. With ruling planet Mars nearing the end of its retrograde phase, energy will begin to flow a lot better this month.

For Taurus, the complex financial choices continue; that retrograde Mars in your house of finances, plus retrograde Uranus in your sign, is not at all helpful! The Full Moon highlights communication, travel and expansion, but you may have to negotiate small practice steps closer to home before reaching out for that higher education qualification or far-flung adventure you have had your eye on. Innovation and making do with what is close to hand could serve you in more ways than one.

For Gemini, you can’t wait to get to the end of this retrograde Mars phase and are probably sick to the back teeth with all the messing around, chopping and changing and crossed wires. However, with ruler Mercury about to turn retrograde, it could be more of the same, just with less anger mixed in! Finally, letting go of something you have been trying to achieve for a long time will allow you space to nurture what you are best at and maintain the friendly connectivity that keeps your energy flowing at its best. New inspiration comes from an unexpected source.

The Full Moon in your sign this month Cancer, adds even more emphasis to your usual sensitivity around the lunar tides. Expect to experience heightened awareness, but also frustration at the antics of partners or others close to you. Letting go of preconceived ideas about those you deal with on a one-to-one basis could allow you to concentrate on yourself for a change. Processing your hidden thoughts, journalling or otherwise expressing all those hidden secrets of yours could help you resolve your apparent communication difficulties.   

Leo will be hiding at home under the covers this month, possibly with a cold, as the drama of the party season takes its toll. Fed up with braving it out and being the strong one always, Leo will probably be found taking a well-earned rest and protecting its very real sensitivities from the outside world. However, self-care is never wasted Leo; gargles, early nights and afternoon naps will help restore your mane and organise your regal bearing so that you are in good shape to take on the world again before too long.

Virgo, ever the perfectionist, often dreams of big achievements at this time of year and derives great enjoyment out of structuring the process of New Year’s resolutions. Issues with friendships or groups you are involved with could come to a head, is it always you Virgo, who ends up clearing up after everyone or looking after the purse strings? New information concerning career matters could come to light, and a situation that has been on hold for a while could get moving once and for all.

Libra could be in line for a run-in with the boss or just falling out with mother! This Full Moon will spotlight the need for you to get out and about, make yourself visible and maybe just get away from the shit show at home. Travel has not been well starred lately, but prospects in that regard should begin to improve throughout January. Letting go of those old ideas about who your parents are and whether you need to uphold the family tradition becomes a liberating motive for the new year.

Scorpio, this Full Moon could see you cutting off your nose to spite your face as you stand up for your high ideals. Unafraid to fight, this period could see you in a legal wrangle or matter of honour. Unexpected events in the realm of relationships or annoying conversations in regard to other people’s money (is it really yours, I thought it was mine?) could all be on the agenda. Choose your weapons Scorpio; you could be in for a choppy ride.

Comparing savings with debt levels could be preoccupying Sagittarius this month, and it seems likely that spending levels will have outstripped your income this holiday season. Don’t let it upset you; it is certainly not worth getting ill over. Although concerned partners may be worried about your perceived income deficits, a few difficult conversations may be necessary before a working plan can be thrashed out. This eases the pressure on your relationship, and matters should have resolved themselves by the end of the month.  

It’s all about your relationships this month, Capricorn; the spotlight is on others’ needs, something you are generally quite good at providing for. However, mixed messages may be part of the picture, so it will be important to work out precisely what you are trying to say. Health issues could be a recurring theme, and it is best to go back and go back again if there is something that is bothering you in that area.  

The stress of trying to help everyone else may have proven, too, wearing Aquarius, and you could find yourself seriously drained or even ill at the end of the holiday season. Romance matters still seem to be in reverse, although broken communications should start improving by the end of the month. Dreams could prove to be insightful, Aquarius; pay attention to what is coming from the subconscious and remember that it is crucial to offload those toxic situations; you can’t carry it with you; flow is everything.  

Pisces, ever the romantic, this Full Moon could mark the finale of an attachment that has had its day, but that does not mean there isn’t another waiting on the sidelines! Home improvements of the annoying kind involving electrics or networks of some sort could be taking more of your attention than you would like, and misunderstandings with friends could also be on the agenda. Sorting loose ends could be the best use of your time as your ruler Jupiter is now firmly in Aries; New Year, New You!

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“A new age is dawning, with a need for a new wisdom, one that comes from the heart. This book is dedicated to all those who find themselves, for whatever reason, in darkness; given with love, this work, is a product of our times.”

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