“Ultimate truth, if there be such a thing, demands the concert of many voices.”

~ Carl Jung

I love using the Sabian Symbols as a focus for the lunar cycle. The wide variety of images seems to marry extraordinarily well with the shifting cycles of the Moon as it weaves itself through the zodiac signs, fulfilling its phases of fertilisation, growth, blossoming, death and decay. Because the Sun and Moon are in opposition at the Full Moon, there are two symbols; this month, we are looking at the following pair: 

The Moon at 17 degrees of Leo: 


A feeling of togetherness which unites men and women in their dedication to a collective ideal.

The Sun at 17 degrees of Aquarius: 


The capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard individual rights under complex social pressures.

This Full Moon in Leo symbolises the power of togetherness and its ability to unite us in our dedication to a collective ideal. Naturally driven to pursue something bigger than ourselves, we feel united by our enduring quest for meaning and the desire to bond with others in devotion to a collective ideal. In this symbol, we find the mirrored image of man’s yearning for this energy, a quest for the meeting point between humanity and the divine, to express the most profound realities of what it means to be human. 

Within the two Sabian images is achieved the perfect mirroring of the polarisation occurring increasingly in society. As social beings, we crave the feelings of togetherness that collaborative practices bring and the fellowship of everyday activities in which we participate with others. At these moments of united consciousness, the feelings of humanity flow out into the world; we become renewed by our shared values and beliefs. However, it is a heady cocktail, for our vast collective power is capable of incredible feats but also has a dark, shadowy side. 

In some cases, the energy we can generate may be tapped by unscrupulous individuals who seek to channel it for personal and political purposes. The symbol in the opposite degree of Aquarius is of a watchdog, protecting his master and possessions, suggesting how the individual may need protection against the growing encroachments of society, reminding us that we each have the right to lead a life free from public interference. Seen in this light, and considering Pluto’s approaching ingress into Aquarius, the increasing corporate power of the plutocracy is implicated, along with the totalitarian shadows of mass formation and large-scale organisations.

Although we long for the unity and togetherness that a wholly connected society brings, we must understand that one which also glorifies competition, ambition and success at any cost becomes responsible for individual violence. In this scenario, the more creative individuals are, the greater their need for PROTECTION.

Local or small scale collaboration is becoming critical as the communities that keep us alive become eroded by the larger corporations and organisations that threaten to engulf the individual. Historically, groups of people had a common relationship purely through a geographical location or physical connection. However, increasingly, we see how communities are formed around interests, activities or political ideals, an energy which can be expressed in many ways. Global movements and multifaceted mega corporations have gained traction in a way that would never have been possible even ten years ago; while many of their expressions benefit humanity, others seem more negative and oppressive.

The images from the Picatrix for this month’s Full Moon offer a similar contrast. 

In the second face of Leo ascends a man with a crown of white myrtle on his head and a bow in his hand. This is an image of beauty, of riding and of the rise of ignorant and rude men, a face of war and of unsheathed swords.
In the second face of Aquarius ascends a man similar to a king who permits himself much and abhors those he sees. This is a face of beauty and position, the acheivement of desires, fulfilment, detriment and weakness.


The martial images in the Picatrix, underscore the Full Moon’s separation from Mars before she perfects her opposition to Saturn. Fixed martial stars Dubhe, in the constellation of The Bear and the bull’s eye of Aldebaran, in the constellation of Taurus, also become illuminated, uniting the powerful symbolism of the Bear, the Bull and the Lion together under one lunation. With Mars and Mercury out of their retrograde phases and all the other planets direct for a few months, we can expect matters on hold over the winter to progress more freely and stalemate situations to suddenly come to life again. 

It may feel important at this Full Moon to unite with those of like mind, so remember to take the opportunity to share in expressions of spiritual joy and faith. Whether speaking out on a matter close to your heart or on behalf of those who cannot, recognise the importance of your voice and remember that our unified voices need to be heard. Of no less importance is the reminder that singing and lifting one’s voice can entertain and boost people’s spirits, so take a chance with others by joining in social activities that bring the playfulness, laughter and fun of the sign of Leo to everyone concerned.

So….For that all important question!!

“How will this Full Moon affect me?”

Read for your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

Aries-Earth 3

This month finds Aries in the mood for play rather than work, but perhaps feeling challenged by financial emergencies and social responsibilities. Your card this month is Earth 3 and explains that a balance of energies must be present for change to continue and that harmonising your physical, emotional and mental health is essential to move forward effectively. Creating personal productivity on the physical plane assists in creating a firm and stable foundation, ensuring a stable future. The number Three relates to creativity and productivity, where the union of two makes a third. In the suit of Earth, this suggests applying practical skills to develop a project into a finished product.

Taurus-Water Prince

For Taurus the focus is on home this month, if you are a homebody then this Full Moon is likely to see you wanting more time at home and less time working, although sudden events could force you to turn your attention on more immediate issues. The Water Prince tells of turbulent emotions that can feel uncomfortable in their intensity. There is a powerful passion here, which may spring from deep insecurities and a desire to control rather than from a loving heart. Look carefully at what motivates your wishes, and be honest about your intent. If you are hurting inside, focus on healing this part rather than directing the pain and discomfort towards others. This darkly passionate individual may undervalue the importance of emotional connection with others due to being preoccupied with his own inner life. In a relationship, he may appear brooding and jealous, but he also has the potential for intense loyalty.

Gemini-The Lovers

Your mood is likely to be erratic and your mind busy, with feelings and thoughts tumbling around faster than you can analyse them. You could receive news that arouses your emotions, or it may simply be that you feel overwhelmed by an influx of bills, documents and letters. Background stressors are likely to be impacting you, perhaps when you are asleep, or when you least expect it. Your card is The Lovers, bringing the chance to recognise how finding a balance of power, whether in a personal relationship, an external situation, or your relationship with yourself, is the same. You discover that being on the same page as yourself, funny as it may sound, will help resolve any difficulties in relationships with others whilst assisting you in making the choices you are currently facing.

Cancer-Air 4

This month you are focused on security and finances Cancer. If you are feeling financially stable, then all is well, but if you are in a vulnerable position, then stress is likely to build, which could have the adverse effect of some impulsive retail therapy! Luckily, Air 4 arrives to show how fostering habits to provide a stable mental foundation is vital. Each of us knows the daily activities which promote and also undermine our mental health. The appearance of this card reminds us to attend to the balance of everyday life so we can move forward from a secure foundation towards the next destination. The number Four relates to stability, balance and stasis. It indicates the completion of the first stage but also suggests the beginnings of stagnation. In the suit of Air, this is a reminder that a meditative internal balance and a measured approach to life will assist in dealing with difficulties in the future. Inner harmony fosters resilience.

Leo-Earth 10

Emotions are strong this month Leo, with feelings rushing to the surface and refusing to be pushed away. Now is the time to experience new and exciting adventures or to promote yourself in a strong and powerful manner.Earth 10 is the last card travelled, indicating a culmination, an ending, or a completion. It signals the conclusion of a project, planned event, or even a family, expressing the desire to leave something that lives after you. This could take the form of a family line, a book, a painting, or the stories of your clan. Take in the view from the top; you can be confident that the climb was worth it. Ten is the number of completion, signalling an end to the current cycle, for good or ill. In a difficult situation, it brings relief; in a happy situation, culmination, with a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

Virgo-The Priestess

Virgo, ever the perfectionist, could find themself dealing with niggly health issues that have roots in hidden trauma. Energy levels may not as high as usual, meaning that you need to have more rest. Use this period for quiet reflection and reassessment, it is an ideal time to focus on a daily schedule that boosts your energy. Luckily, the Priestess is on hand with valuable advice and invites you to follow your inner wisdom towards a deeper understanding of the dynamics at hand and to develop a better appreciation of hidden motives, secret fears or desires. Within every loss lies the potential for something new, a seed looking for a new place to grow. So follow the journey to wherever it leads and find strength in your connection to the invisible web of energy that permeates us all.


Foryou, Libra, putting friends and family first may be the theme for the month. Always someone who likes to see justice in the world, this month could see you helping others and putting your own desires for fun on the back burner. It would be unwise to overstretch however, as your resources and those of people close to you could take an unexpected hit. The card of Adjustment comes when your outer world changes to reflect the transformations occurring within. These changes may be challenging to manage, for they show the world you have moved on, something which may not feel entirely comfortable. Instead, focus on developing a sense of poise and inner calm; it will help you facilitate the required changes and the acceptance that some decisions are out of your hands.

Scorpio-Air 8

Scorpio is likely to be experiencing work or career issues as difficulties on the home front call their attention. All may not be well on the relationship front either Scorpio, so you may need to consider the advice brought from Air 8. This card brings a sense of being weighed down by too many options, opinions, agendas and plans, so much so that it has become impossible to make a clear decision. Discarding what is no longer relevant to the current storyline will develop the focus required to get to the heart of the matter. Is there resistance to moving on? And if so, what is anchoring you in the past? The number eight brings an opportunity to discover the divine in your situation and see the bigger picture, which is not always a comfortable event. In the suit of Air, this can relate to walking away from your learned responses as you recognise how they hold you in a place of stasis and stagnation.

Sagittarius-Earth 9

Always the seeker, Sagittarius could be planning his next holiday (lets face it, when is he not?) or deep in research for his thesis. Unexpected events could come in the form of health issues that may limit the continual urge to expand, so don’t take any unnecessary risks this month. Your card, Earth 9 helps you to reap the result of work undertaken in the past. Of course, if you have met your past challenges well, there should not be too much housekeeping to be done, but only you will know that. At best, you are confident, secure and able to enjoy the fruits of your labour; the painful and arduous journey that has brought you to this place will be invisible to all. The number nine brings the results of past actions and how they will define future events; ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. In the suit of Earth, there is a sense of material security from past efforts, projects bearing fruit, independent means and even perhaps a pregnancy.

Capricorn-Earth Queen

With eyes on the pennies, or lack of them this month, Capricorn may have to look over her budget and find more ways to earn the funds required for those all important occasional luxuries. Unexpected romantic getaways or other fun filled events could challenge the purse strings!. The advice from The Earth Queen is a reminder to take care of yourself and attend to your needs before you concern yourself with others. We often give our strength and energy away because we prioritise others’ needs and neglect to replenish our own. After a time, we have nothing left to give and can become ill and tired with the drain on our resources. Honour your needs and take a break; you cannot deliver to others without replenishing your own resources first. Practical and firmly grounded in real achievements, this queen is knowledgeable about money and practical matters. She seeks to preserve and can get absorbed in viewing the world through a monetary lens. When comfortable, she is gracious and giving.

Aquarius-The Star

Aquarius, it’s all about you this month, and the focus on hopefully having fun with others. A surprise event at home could challenge the status quo, but try to keep it light and not take things too much to heart. This month, your own card has arrived with valuable advice. The Star helps you to see clearly, bringing peace after the storm, and cleanses you from the world’s cares and worries, filling you with new hope. You are standing at a juncture between the past and the future, where the present is still being formed. So, follow your inspirations even though others may not understand them, follow your truths even though others may not hear them, and be reassured that the best days are still to come.

Pisces-Water 4

Challenging health issues could arise this month Pisces, and you may be cursing your own tendancy toward self sabotage. It’s never too late to take charge though and unexpected connections or meetings could help you crack a thorny issue. Your card, Water 4 brings an appreciation for the stability and security of the present moment; there is much to be thankful for. However, there is also a sense that change is required; deep down, the lack of a dynamic flow may stifle you, and it will soon be time to open your heart again to the broader world. Change will be demanded and may come at a price. The number Four relates to stability, balance and stasis. It indicates the completion of the first stage but also suggests the beginnings of stagnation. In the suit of Water, this is a reminder that Water needs to flow to remain pure, and no emotional situation remains the same forever.

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“A new age is dawning, with a need for a new wisdom, one that comes from the heart. This book is dedicated to all those who find themselves, for whatever reason, in darkness; given with love, this work, is a product of our times.”

Joanna Grant is an astrologer of some 30 years and gained her Diploma at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2012. Weaving her knowledge of the stars together with intuitive tarot techniques, she crafts highly personalised guidance for clients who are often navigating difficult life transitions. Lately, she has been very excited to breathe new life into her astrological practice through her study of Horary, where the traditional techniques of the ancients have helped her to interpret her knowledge in a whole new way. Having recently completed the STA Advanced Level Horary Diploma, she feels that in an uncertain world, the integrity of this tradition is an essential tool in giving clients the guidance they seek.

You can read more about her here.

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