The Princess of Cups

Unexpectedly, I arrived at a busy quay, somewhere in the north of England, the beginning of the 20th Century, judging by the clothes that people were wearing, and the steam that billows around the sails of the tall sailing ships, slack in the still air. The dock-sides were thronged with people, some pushing carts laden with luggage, for the wealthier clientele, who followed leisurely behind. The poorer folk clutched their families and belongings to them, looking relieved to be away from the ships which had held them for so long. Others still were making their way to their ticketed destination, their ocean carrier, their ship of dreams. A huge ship was even now, moving away from the quayside, the deck railings almost invisible with the numbers of people gathered to wave their friends families and anyone they ever knew, goodbye, perhaps forever.
I saw a young couple standing on the quay, and I went down to them. They were waiting for a ship to America, they were emigrating, full of love for each other, the promise of a new beginning, and the excitement of a new world.
I looked out at all the ships, arriving and leaving, each one filled with so many hopes and dreams……. I traveled along with the ships, viewing them from the air, and saw a turtle and a dolphin swimming along beside the ship. I went down to them, and asked them what they represented. The Dolphin said that he represented the love, the caretaker of the dream, the one who supported it and guided it. The Turtle said that he was the wisdom behind the dream, the history that provided the seed of the dream, and the foundation upon which it was carried.
And in the way of these journeys, I was suddenly in a different place, aboard an Arab dhow, that was traveling smartly along the coast of North Africa, somewhere near Alexandria and the Nile Delta. Malachi was at the helm.
The warm wind smacked at the salty sails, the canvas stiff and rough, the ropes caked in brine, the sun dazzling a sea of Indigo black. It was sublime, I embraced it……the excitement, the sense of adventure, of newness, the emotional thrill of the unknown. The tang of salt dried tears of joy into my skin, and I laughed like a child at the vision before me.
I thought of how the Princess is the carrier of raw elemental energy into our lives in a way that we can understand, in a way that we can nurture if we wish.
The book stood on a table upon the open deck, and I saw a picture of Star Maps inside and the words to follow my Guiding Star. The object I left with was a Sea Urchin with all the spikes gone, a softly curving shell.


The Princess of Cups
The Princess of the Waters
Lotus of the Palace of the Floods
Princess and Empress of the Nymphs or Undines
Throne of the Ace of Cups

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