The Prince of Disks

DisksPrinceCut35Spring has well and truly begun. Day after day the birds chorus the rising sun, as the expectant dawn lights up the mountains with a rosy glow and blesses the divine landscape that I presently call home. What better time to journey into The Prince of Disks? Ruling the period between Aries and Taurus, this is his time… this architect of manifestation, whose mental energy is preoccupied with the creation of matter.

As I sit in the Hallway of Beginnings, I steady my mind and body, reminding myself that I will now be walking in a slightly different path, focusing more on the element of Earth, the suit of Disks, the world of Assiah, the realm of manifestation. I wonder briefly how this will come about. I am slightly apprehensive as I have become accustomed to the creative world of water, but I also reassure myself. I have made some forays into earth already, The 4 of Disks was beautiful and highly successful for me, and I also feel happy that this card that has come forward to be known better. The Prince of Disks sits in his card rather coolly, rather enigmatic, emanating a controlled but sensual energy that holds all of creation in his heart.

Without any more hesitation, I set out on my journey and walk slowly up the beautiful wooden staircase that has become my road of dreams, and step quietly into the world of The Prince of Disks.

I enter a place that is initially as dark as the card itself. High black rotating walls tower either side of me, and on further examination I can see that they are circular and that in fact I am standing between the giant wheels of the chariot that is pictured on the card. I stand in the enclosed space and feel that I am experiencing some sort of birth canal as the turning walls of the chariot propel me forward into the next part of the journey. I walk slowly forward with the sounds of the creaking wheels echoing strangely in my ears….

I emerge eventually into a landscape of verdant green, with the first excited breaths of spring surrounding me and I can feel the verdant energy concentrating and mounting beneath the earth, ready to turn this first flush of green into a raging torrent of fecundity.

Ahead of me stands a tall tower and I am reminded instantly of the tower that I met in The Devil , and I muse briefly on the connections that I might find here. The Tower here seems to be more imposing than the one in The Devil, more imposing and less raw, and I guess that that may be the case with the difference between an archetypal energy and one that has been modified.Some way from the tower I can see Malachi and I walk up to him, pleased to see him here, and ask him what the tower represents. He tells me that it represents the will, the will of The Prince of Disks who embodies the airy part of earth. He tells me that he is a master of manifestation possessed of a powerful and creative mind and that his thought processes are aligned with his desires and that with his strong mental focus, he brings forth his will into being.

I approach the door of the Tower, in order to get more of an idea of what is involved here, I want to understand this energy, feel how it works, let the sensation of this man wash over me, bath in his magic and his power, allow it to seep beneath my skin and absorb into my bones, to look through his eyes into the created universe.

The door is wide open and inviting and I step through into an ornate and graceful room filled with a wealth of beautiful objects, a cornucopia of craft. Every object is a wonder of creative skill and dexterity, an altar to the arts of man. Deeply polished glowing carvings reveal the graceful fluidity of water through the medium of wood, beautiful women draped in transparent and diaphanous robes rise elegantly from white glowing marble, the softness of their skin applauding the sensitivity of a sculptor who can breathe such life into cold stone. Richly colored tapestries hang upon the walls alive with the colors of nature, vibrant but also gentle, soothing and inviting to the eye. There are stairs to further floors, and I explore more of this wealth of creativity. The first floor seems more devoted to the intellectual side of creativity, and is filled with books, musical instruments, tables filled with maps and strange scientific apparatus. An astrolabe stands in the center of the room and I sense that this floor is devoted to the creative beauty of the mind.

The last floor at the very top of the tower is a bedroom, with a wide window that looks out over the spring landscape. Animals stand contentedly in the fields, lambs lying in heaps together, enjoying their friends, escaping for the first time from their mothers. Birds call constantly to one another, many still frantic with the task of nest building, fluttering here and there with beaks full of twigs, or moss or hair, intent on one thing, focused and consumed with the matter in hand….. Creation.

As I stand here at the window of this enchanted place, I can feel the Prince’s presence. He uses his mental abilities to create abundance and wealth, he concentrates on this, and it secures him and provides an indestructible foundation to his world.

I feel an overwhelming sense of permanence and continuity from this card, there is something that I sense from these earthy journeys that I have not fully understood as yet, but it seems to be building slowly, block by block as I visit them perhaps. I will take away from this place the understanding of the creative power of the human mind, and how that we really are able to invoke the grace of god from the raw materials that inhabit our world. We have the power to see into the stuff of life and to use it to create for ourselves a life of beauty that expresses our needs and desires in the world of manifestation.

I descend from the lofty tower, and walk back down into the green landscape. Malachi has continued on and I will meet him again fairly soon I am sure, but in the meantime he has left me with a great deal to think about. I see the gateway, the chariot wheels still turning, the fluttering silken emblem of the card hanging between… and I make my way towards them, passing through the darkness of the chariot, back into The Hallway of Beginnings.

The Prince of Disks

The Prince of The Chariot of Earth

The Prince and Emperor of The Gnomes

April 11th to May 10th

Rules the 4 of Wands, The 5 of Disks & The 6 of Disks




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