The Story of Earth-The Princess

They stand for a moment… foreheads touching… the silent communion of two who have been long parted…and then they turn and walk quickly away, disappearing into the dawn, as the sap in the black trees begins to rise, and the snowdrops push their heads out of the dark earth to welcome the virgin queen.

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The Story of Earth-Part Eight

“And then it starts, gradually, but it starts. One by one her troubles fall from her like dead leaves, disintegrating to dust before they even reach the floor, one by one they drop, and the layers peel away until only she remains; a seeker of the unknown, a voyager into her own soul, exploring the visions of beauty that erupt like strange flowers from the rich fertility of her human condition. Eventually she is ready, and leaves to walk upon the patterned glowing grain of the elm stairs that are worn by centuries of seeking, to walk with hope, and the knowledge that what she seeks is hard won….”

Thoth Journey

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