The Knight of Disks

DisksKnightCut35As I walk slowly up the stairs today, I feel a soft cloak of sadness settling around my shoulders, adding a subtle sensation of heaviness to my usual lightness of being. I feel worn today, wearied by the cares and worries of my earthly life that entangle themselves around my feet like brambles. Ensnaring me and catching my step, they snag my clothes and throw me off my balance, hindering me and causing me to look away from the beauty of the shining visions before me. This morning I feel my age somewhat, an age that I have not managed to leave behind me on the chair today, so that I can run fleet footed as a girl through the jewelled ember colours of the Thoth. Today I carry my life with me, the duties of earth, my motherhood, my sorrows and my wisdom, all trail after me, wise companions that have etched my face in a way that I hope to grow to love some day.

But for now I will push on up the wooden stairs, and along the dawn lit landing until I come to the large wooden door that I have come to know, and step through the burnished autumn coloured silk that proclaims the Knight of Disks.

I walk into a shimmering landscape of Savannah and searing heat, where there is an immense fire raging on the flattened planes of dried and brittle grass. Tall trees illuminate the skyline, glowing whitely as one by one they become ignited by the merciless fire. Countless frightened animals run, fleeing before the cruel intensity of the flames, and as I too feel the relentless heat of the bush fire, I wonder what I am to do here; it is not as I had expected.

I cast my eyes helplessly around to see what else is here for me, in the face of this searing destruction, and my gaze finally settles on the incongruous figure of a tall blue robed woman who has appeared before me, a woman who is eminently familiar to me. She is The High Priestess, from the Tarot Illuminati, and she is holding in her hand a cup, which she offers me. She calmly tells me to drink from it, and I in my dream like state, do as she bids, and as I let the sweet light liquid trickle down my parched throat, I become gradually aware that I am becoming slowly transformed into the Knight of Disks.

It starts in a very subtle and careful way, but slowly I begin to feel the energy of the Knight within my body. He is intense, wilful, stubborn, passionate, explosive and expansive! He is raging fire, he is inspiration, he is boundless creativity, he is huge!!. I feel then, the constraint of the armour and the prison-like qualities of earth, the torture of manifestation and the containment of the fiery spirit. The whole experience is incredibly painful, I feel very uncomfortable and recognise this feeling intensely, from my own life, the strangling and pressurised sensations are truly awful, and I feel like I am going to explode, my spirit crushed, mangled and suffocated by the rigidity of the constraining armour.

Slowly though, I start to feel a different sensation begin to emerge through the pain, a kind of melting seems to be occurring, and it appears that the enormous amount of fiery heat from within me is melting the metal of my armour casing, and instead of constricting me it is becoming like a mobile and flexible second skin, a unique covering that melds the qualities of fire and earth into a united being of untold strength and effortless mobility. I feel powerful, I feel invincible, I feel enthralled by this very energetic transformation, and I have become one with the power of the Knight of Disks. I gallop my horse in a huge arc, covering hundreds of miles of Savannah, and the joy and strength of living pumps through me, the combination of creativity and manifestation casting me as an artist on the canvas of life as I unite these two elements within me to manifest the fruits of my raging passion on the earth beneath my feet. My strength is truly uninhibited and I feel deeply connected to the beating rhythm of the Universe.

We finally come to a stop, my horse and I, and I slide from his beautiful bay back, stroking his ears before I leave…. Realising with a sudden smile, that this is why he looks so exhausted in the card…. he isn’t sad at all, just ready for a rest!, as I am too…. The fires have gone now, and the Savannah lies in darkness, quietly resting, and I slip gently back through the glowing autumn silk of The Knight of Disks, and into The Hallway of Beginnings.

The Knight of Disks

The Lord of the Wide & Fertile Land

The King of the Spirits of Earth

The King of The Gnomes.

20 degrees Leo to 20 degrees Virgo.

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