Beltane Fires


The Prince of Disks is a Fire Sign!!

 The preamble in my mind for this Blog Hop has been rather convoluted, with my natural sense of organization rather befuddled by an unseasonable sense of confusion…. With a topic as open as “May” perhaps that was why…. It became challenging to narrow the field of vision, to birth an idea that felt both original and worthy…. So my post seems to be a reflection of that development, a ramble between my current Celtic location, perched out on the west coast of Ireland and my love of astrology, bound together and expressed somehow through Tarot. You can connect to all the other blogs in this Beltane Blog Hop by clicking on the following links to illuminate the creativity of our group into one big ring of Beltane Fire.


I thought it might be fun to set up a chart for the Prince of Disks, who rules the period of time that contains Beltane…. He is a brooding looking character who seems to be much occupied with adjusting the wheel bearing on his chariot. Like his Scorpio brother The Prince of Cups, he doesn’t look like someone you would want to cross. With his nakedness expressing not only an open and passionate sexuality, but also a self assurance that is admirable, he emanates a feeling of defined power and stability that leads us from the first rush of Spring into the confidence of the established growing season. The Prince of Disks is born at 20 degrees of Aries, (I am using Du Quette as my reference here), surprise number one, he is not a Taurus, he is as Aries!. Using the decans and their corresponding cards, The Prince of Disks also rules over The 4 of Wands ( Venus in Aries), The 5 of Disks (Mercury in Taurus) and The 6 of Disks.(Moon in Taurus)

So casting The Prince’s horoscope for this year, at 20 degrees of Aries, I came up with the following chart…..


He is a Sun Aries, with the Sun conjunct Uranus, this year this pair fall in the 9th House. The Moon is the Lady of the chart, ruling the Ascendant, and falling in Taurus in the 10th House. Mercury joins her there, whilst Venus in Aries conjuncts the mid-heaven, joining the Sun & Uranus in the 9th, and blessing the prince with her fecundity and passion.

I predict an energetic and fruitful season for him, with the task of caring and nurturing being very much on his mind. He will however, have a feeling of unpredictability about him this year, Uranus can be unsettling, pedantic and awkward, although also the source of brilliant flashes of inspiration. His fear of being grounded and contained works well with fire, so will add to the starting energy of Aries, but we may find that he lacks sustainability as the phase continues. Will he promise more than he can deliver? It looks as though he may, but with the MC in Pisces, it may be that the final outcome of this period may not be revealed until further into the year, when the seeds set now, actually bear their fruit, and help us to gain a greater spiritual insight into the happenings of this time.

So, as I like to do, I looked to see if any cards had astrological correspondences that matched the planets in the chart, and surprise number 2 occurred: The 3 cards that are ruled over by The Prince were all present… and I checked, this does not necessarily happen in other years!


I see that The Prince drives a powerful chariot, relentlessly heading into his world, as if there is no tomorrow. This year, he is attended by The Fool, (aka Uranus) and has about him an unusual air of spontaneity and recklessness.  Like his cardinal Sun in Aries, he is focused on the work at hand, the beginning of the journey. He is meditative, with his goal of creativity harmony in mind, he attends to his spiritual balance, reconciling opposites in his single minded approach to his work. Others may see him as someone who is overly preoccupied on the mental plane, but these material worries do not overly concern him. He is Air of Earth, and can shape his world as he needs to, when he sets himself the task. He is in touch with the ebb and flow of life and the fecundity of the earth. His chariot is pulled by the Bull of Taurus, and so he recognizes the wisdom of the earth, and that he is a creature of it, governed by her whims and her nature, her growth and her flux. He recognizes the importance of embracing the process and that there are riches to be gained in the most unlikeliest of places. As I come back to Tarot after many years studying astrology, I find that I do read from an astrological perspective, but what I find most enlightening, is to read Astrology through Tarot. It is a practice that I have found to be incredibly helpful in revealing the dynamics behind certain aspects in charts and also the transits that are occurring at the time. It seems to take the mind above analysis and into intuition and I find that it can be immensely productive when wrestling with a thorny issue.


In fact, now I write this, I see that that is what The Prince is doing, with the world in one hand and his staff in the other; he is studiously adjusting his wheel, so that his chariot can be more effective!! In Crowley’s words about this Prince, “He constantly seeks new uses for common things”

 Thank you for visiting my blog, and do please continue on to discover all the other beautiful offerings in our Tarot blogging community.


18 thoughts on “Beltane Fires

  1. Interesting take on both Astrology and the Tarot, brilliant idea to combine them by using the court card as your querent and the author as your point of reference (if I understand it correctly) and then to compose a chart based on it, simply fascinating and pure inspired genius 🙂

    Haven’t seen the thoth deck in ages, so very tempted now to haul out mine hahahaha!


    1. I am thinking of doing more of them. … as it gave me a better understanding of this prince….as a combination of energies. Thank you for your comments ☺


  2. I’ve never quite gotten my head around the finer points of astrology, but I enjoyed how you combined your understandings to add depth to your interpretation of this Knight 🙂


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