New Moon in Capricorn 29.12.16

The fact does not escape me that through using numerology, today’s date adds up to 21, the number of The Universe… last card in the Major Arcana and the card of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn). This is significant in that “The Universe” heralds a completion of a stage in life, that we are ready to embrace the new, and leave behind certain aspects of ourselves that have outlived their use.

Today I drew 4 cards to illuminate the renewal available to me at this New Moon, the seeds for the next cycle. Astrologically, this New Moon falls in my 7th house, so is particularly relevant to the way I relate to others on a one to one basis and something that will colour my reading of these cards.

So this particular New Moon will be very powerful for me in terms of my relationships as I will be challenged to let go of my desire for a ‘protector’ and to learn to develop this aspect within myself. I need to perhaps understand that until I do this, I will tend to manifest the shadow side of this card, which can result in me encountering situations of abandonment, and feelings of being unsupported and unloved. I will be urged to rely on my own resources in order to survive, and to develop trust and reliance on my own skills, rather than on the support of others.

The Star is a wonderful “Seed” to get, suggesting that this moment is full of hope and potential, and that drawing on my own connection to spirit will enable me to manifest the things that I need in the future. The circle’s in the previous card are far more contained and structured. The Prince is clearly controlling the outcome here, whereas in The Star, the energy is more flowing and open.

The action I need to take is minimal. I need to step back and allow things to take their natural course, to let the powers flow, to align my will with the will of the whole, and to connect to the river of intuition that flows around the world. My knowledge will be increased through this process and I will be able to tap into the learning of the whole of my race, through trusting in my own process, unhindered by the need to please others.

The harvest, (which should be available by July 9th 2017) will be a renewed and more authentic knowledge of myself. I will learn better where I deceive myself in my views of others, and how I can be drawn into situations that do not serve me, through my desire for love and affection. This process will help me further along the road to self knowledge and the seer-ship of my own soul.

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