The Daily Thoth: Thursday March 9th 2017

Situations around you, are opening up today, and there is a possibility that something that has been in a stalemate situation for some time is now open to change. Although you may feel overwhelmed at times by the amount of work that lies ahead of you, you also know that you are able to achieve that which you desire, the strength lies within you. It is important now, not to allow yourself to be weighed down by emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness and the desire for control, for to do so would be to inhibit your progress at this time. Try to allow any painful feelings that arise in you, in respect of what is happening around you to flow freely, and in this way you allow your emotional channels to remain open, to receive what is there for you. Making room for the changes that are coming into your life now, and ensuring your emotional freedom and flexibility will help you see the opportunities around you and to complete the work that you are trying to achieve at this time.

The 2 of Disks, The Knight of Disks, The Princess of Cups.

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