Thoth Tarot Daily: Friday April 21st 2017

Yesterdays insights may have left you feeling rather unsure about some things in your life, and you may now be aware of a growing sensation that some things just have to change. It could well be important to listen to these hints, as only through change can the stagnation that appears to be threatening, be avoided. Although you may feel quite content where you are at the moment, you are also aware that ultimately this is perhaps not where you want to be. The pressure is building, and it is important now to choose to change things, if that is what is required, rather than waiting for the universe to force you. Be aware that all growth requires some form of breakage and that ultimately there is no movement or change when there is too strong a desire to remain in the safety of what is known. Have a look to see what it is that is demanding change now, and allow the wheel to turn.


Fortune, The Tower, The 4 of Cups.


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