For those of you who like to do a Tarot Spread in order to set intentions for The New Moon, here is one inspired by the astrology of the moment. There is a Grand Trine in the transit chart, suggesting the potential for flashes of inspiration and the ability to connect to brilliance… but also for the potential for over-reaching the mark. The Full Moon in November falls in the extremely fertile second decan of Taurus, indicating strong potential for any projects that are started with firm intention now, although with a lack of other planets in earth, care will need to be taken in the nurturing of these projects if they are to survive beyond the initial flush of excitement.

What is my Seed
Sun conjunct Moon at 6 degrees 27 of Taurus

What may add confusion to the process of planting my seed
Venus in Pisces conjunct Chiron

Where may I be too hasty, and choose the wrong seed
Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus

What potential harvest am I promised if I hold true
Saturn in Sagittarius

What outcome will I achieve by November
2017- Full Moon in Taurus at 11 degrees 58.

Here is the chart of the moment.

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New Moon Taurus April 26 17