Thoth Daily Tarot: Monday April 24th 2017

Emotional release is indicated today, as change asks for consideration, deep within you As you allow the energies inside, that are fighting for expression, to do their work, remember dreams that you have and recognise that they can only be fully expressed by allowing yourself to become free of the bonds that rest upon your shoulders. This is likely to be an emotional journey, but in releasing what has lain trapped below the surface, you initiate the transformation that is waiting in the background. This is a long process of consideration, and much of it is taking place beneath the surface, as you digests the events that have been occurring around you. Today, although it may feel as if everything around you is in a state of flux, be reassured in the idea that there is no certainty in the processes which are occurring within, and that this is as it should be. Allow the changes that are occurring to do their thing, feel what is happening and let yourself walk with the uncertainty. Let go, and do not be afraid, life will happen.

The Aeon, The 2 of Disks, The Princess of Cups.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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