Thoth Tarot Daily: Tuesday April 25th 2017

With Strong associations to the heart, today’s reading reminds you that in order to truly find the recognition and success that you are looking for, that it is vital for you to connect to your hearts desire. Your passion and desire are powerful energies which seek to refine themselves most naturally through relationship, however, through using all your energy in this way may not be serve the true expression of your life’s goal. Stepping out of the cycle and recognizing that you are your own person Is vital for your well-being and helps you to recognize where you perhaps seek your bliss in the arms of others rather than in the success of your own life. The momentary satisfaction that we find in this way is not the eternal state of oneness that we might imagine, but rather a state of being that we aspire to in our search for self. Today, link to the power that you hold within, and know it to be the strength you have been searching for. You may need to break some kind of structure in order to break free of where you are right now, and although this may be painful, it may be something that is necessary.

The 4 of Wands, The 6 of Wands, The 6 of Cups.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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