Thoth Tarot Daily: Wednesday April 26th 2017

Today, in the dark of the Moon, fears and doubts may seep into your mind, as deep within, you fear what is occurring. On some level you know that new steps are required and in a way you are excited about it, but also at the same time fearful. What troubles lie ahead? Will I get lost? What terrors will befall me? You are also of course excited, and the cards today tell of the need to let your natural fears of change take a background seat and not to allow them to rule the entire show. Allow the fire of enthusiasm and playful creativity to enter your world, and find a place of peace in the center of your worries in order to help you to connect to the newly emerging energy. Like finding the calm within the storm, by standing in the midst of your life and seeing all that is bright, you will be encouraged to allow your natural fearful self to feel reassured. Let go of the ties that bind, and allow the day to breathe new life into your world.

The Princess of Wands, The Moon, The 4 of Swords.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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