Thoth Tarot Daily: Thursday 11th May 2017

The energy today suggests that you are able to turn away from matters that have been causing you stress and painful thoughts, and to look with love towards creating a different reality. You are able to see today how you are often responsible for your own difficulties, and that a loving awareness of the larger forces at work could help you to get the perspective that you require. It is all a learning process, and stepping back from the details will help you to see the bigger picture in which you are standing and to allow the process of change to work itself into your life. You can gain an understanding today that there is no need to fear what is happening at this moment, and that in time you will wonder why you were so worried. Opportunities to express your love and creativity in the world are around you now, so keep an eye out for those as you look forward into the future and let your worries go.

Fortune, The 9 of Swords, The Empress.

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