Thoth Tarot Daily: Wednesday May 10th 2017

In some way today, you could feel suddenly unsure as to some of the decisions that you are thinking of making at the moment. You know that you are preparing for some kind of life change, but also feel nervous about what this will mean to your sense of stability and security. Moving out of your comfort zone is going to be part of the process, and this idea probably feels uncomfortable. Know today that there is nothing that you cannot deal with now and that these fears are not founded in your current reality, for the changes that you are working towards are ones that you have actively sought; you know on a deep level that it is time for you to walk this road, a road you have been searching for. The loss of what is familiar, even if that familiarity is not something that you actively desire, is something that must be faced. Sometimes it seems that it is “better the devil you know” rather than risking comfort in order to connect to your personal truth. Know that you are able to move through these unsettling feelings, and that you will become more and more able to release what it is that is no longer relevant to your life, freeing you to tune into the song of your own life, and walking the road you are meant to.

Click for further insight into today’s Full Moon in Scorpio, and for a Full Moon Tarot spread to use today.

The Chariot, The 5 of Wands, The Queen of Wands.

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