Full Moon in Scorpio-May 10th 2017- The Marriage of Heaven & Hell.

From the unknown, profound desires enter in upon us, and … the fulfilling of those desires is the fulfilling of creation. ……..DH Lawrence, “Love” 

Embracing both Samhain and Beltane, this current Full Moon Cycle was seeded on the New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th 2016. Speaking seductively of unknown pleasures, entrancement and entrapment, this new moon challenged us to confront our hungers and desires, to know them with intensity, but also to recognize the pain that the loss of their satisfaction can also arouse in us; a pain that may be as, if not more profound and painful, than the ecstatic feelings of pleasure relished in those fleeting moments of connection. Within this loss, we are forced to wrestle with the passions and desires that remain, and by this Full Moon, May 10th 2017, we may find that what we perceived as love, or need, is now recognized as an illusory process. In wrestling with our desire natures and finding that passion and lust are the power of creation itself, we are lead to a fuller understanding of our desire natures. Therein we have the opportunity to discover the full gamut of creative force that lies at our disposal, the tools that we need in order to generate, unite and transform our passion into a powerful and fecund force that can shape our worlds.

The cards relating to this cycle are The 5 of Cups, associated with Mars in Scorpio, and The 7 of Cups, associated with Venus in Scorpio. Within these two cards we often find images of disappointment, overindulgence, loss, hunger and addiction; they are not often seen as fortunate in a reading.

Thoth 5 of Cups
The Five of Cups

In the 5 of Cups, we have known our hunger, we have desired, we have connected, and we have found fulfilment…..we have basked in the perfection of attainment, and then, at that moment, we have known loss, the loss of all that had gone before; the honeymoon period is over, and nothing will ever be the same again.

In the 7 of Cups, we are forced to confront our desires and

Thoth 7 of Cups
The 7 of Cups

our fantasies and to know that they originate within ourselves, that they are not external in the form of people or objects, but images of intensity and strength that have been created by our own passion. Whether it is within the frenzy of frustration or in the listless miasma of satiation, we are confronted with all that is ours, our fantasies, dreams and beguilement’s, and are forced to accept that they are not to be found in the embrace of another.

So this Full Moon, we can perhaps take the opportunity to let go of our need to sate our dreams and fantasies within the arms of another, or in the placating habits that insinuate themselves into our lives, with the often misplaced belief that “this time it will be different”, or that we have it “under control”. We can take the opportunity to recognize that our dreams and our fantasies are our fuel for life, that through connecting to the full flow of our creative force and using it to direct our own lives in an authentic and powerful way, that we stand to gain far more, to live more intensely and to reap greater rewards, through owning our own passions and casting their fertile seeds into the world, watching as our dreams take root and grow.

For a tarot spread designed especially for this particular Full Moon… Full Moon TarotFull Moon in Scorpio May 10th 2017   JoannaKate Grant is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives in the wilds of Western Ireland. Her long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs her practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about her at www.joannakategrant.com.

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