Tarot Spread for The Full Moon in Scorpio: May 10th 2017

For those of you who like to lay cards to help focus the Full Moon energy, I have designed this spread from a consideration of the planetary associations of The New Scorpio Moon, that fell on October 30th 2016, and The Full Scorpio Moon that falls on May 10th 2017.

The New Moon which fell in the first decan of Scorpio, drew strong aspects from Neptune, whilst The Full Moon, this week, draws a similar aspect from Pluto.

In my earlier post, a discussion of the tarot cards that I associate with the current Scorpio cycle: “The Marriage of Heaven & Hell” I refer to the Mars & Venus influence through the two cards The 5 & 7 of cups, and their connection to the creative process. Bearing all this in mind, I have created the following spread, as a method of unlocking the wisdom inherent in this particular Full Moon, helping to release the passion and power that is available to all of us, if we so wish.

Shuffle your chosen deck, and focus on what has been occurring for you in the last 6 months, the phases of passion, attainment, loss, death and creative rebirth that is the hallmark of this cycle, and draw 5 cards:

Card 1: What has the satisfaction of my passionate desires brought me?
New Moon in the first 10 degrees of Scorpio

Card 2: What illusions have I had to let go of as a result?
Sun & Moon in Trine aspect to Neptune

Card 3: Where I have I faced death, how have I been transformed?
Scorpio Cycle…. associated with the Death card

Card 4:  In what way can I create, achieve or gain from these experiences?
Full Moon in the last 10 degrees of Scorpio, Sun in Trine aspect to Pluto.

Card 5: How have I been empowered and enriched by this cycle?

Cards 1 & 4 can be seen as outward manifestations, whilst cards 2 & 3 are likely to relate more to inner processes. I hope that you find this spread insightful, and as usual, please feel free to share and pass on. To read more about the meaning behind this cycle…. read more here. The Marriage of Heaven & Hell.


JoannaKate Grant is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives in the wilds of South Western Ireland. Her long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs her practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about her at www.joannakategrant.com.


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