Thoth Tarot Daily: Monday May 8th 2017

Self-worth, creative expression and the ability to both receive and give love, are the issues of the day. On some level you know that change needs to occur in this department, For too long you have been withholding your true passion and strength from its expression in the outer world, through a fear of judgment. Fears that may have their roots in childhood experiences of oppression, can keep you in a place of indecision, self doubt and uncertainty.  You know that you must progress, but feel bound by the duties and obligations, the cares and the worries that seem to crowd around you. But you also know that there is a new road available to you now, and the challenge is whether to take it. You know that you will leave much behind, and that life will change, and conflict may be felt today as you struggle with the logistics of how this will all happen. They say that necessity is both the mother and father of invention, and the same is true here; releasing yourself from the cares and considerations that you have been holding onto for years may help to lighten the load, forgiveness of both yourself and others can also help with this, and assist you in taking that first step that you need to make. As you do so, the way forward will clear; accepting that this new road is there for you, and a new life is to be lived will help to put you in touch with the power that you need to make it all happen, because it is there for the taking; once you have started there will be no going back, and you will wonder why it took you so long.

The Chariot, The Devil The Eight of Swords

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