Thoth Tarot Daily: Friday May 5th 2017

The card Art, emerges into the reading today, where yesterday it was only a whisper below the surface! The message of patience and prudence is strong, telling you that you are currently in a process of growth, refining and developing yourself, making yourself stronger and more vital, in order that you are able to take the road that you dream of. Your attention would be best focused on this path now, for in a way, you are learning to trust yourself, watching what happens in your interactions with others and learning from this. Day by day your growth in the emotional arena continues as you come to know yourself, what it is that you truly desire, and how to honestly and truthfully, connect to your heart. Careful considered steps will ensure steady progress now. The transformation that is occurring within is reliant on the intense emotional exchanges that are happening now in your life, so it is especially important to ensure that the feelings that are being currently distilled, strengthened and purified, are of the highest quality. It is important now to be aligned with your true hearts desire, the real passion within, and that the emotions that you are building on are helpful to you, that they nurture, feed and honour you, for it would be foolish to be refining difficult and negative emotions into a poison that could darken your heart.

Art, The 8 of Disks, The 6 of Cups.

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