New Moon in Leo: Sunday July 23rd: Every Face Wears A Mask

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”          Oscar Wilde

The New Moon in Leo, on Sunday July 23rd 2017 falls in a close conjunction to Mars, also in Leo, and gives a powerful demanding energy to this particular New Moon.

Thoth 5 of Wands
The Five of Wands

The card that governs this decan (10 degree segment) of Leo is this one, shown on the left, The Five of Wands. The dynamic of this particular New Moon, in my opinion, is concerned with developing the courage necessary, to step into the spotlight. In overcoming a natural fear of commanding attention, we also have the opportunity to learn to recognize when it is then appropriate to step out of the focus of attention. Developing the balance between the healthy need for recognition, and a reliance on commanding the crowd is a natural feature of this card, connected astrologically with Saturn in Leo. We all wear masks, for different occasions and for different people, in fact the Latin word for “Mask” is “Persona”. Masks are useful, they help us to survive in life, and those that are expert in their use, for they are in a way magical tools, can wield them with great power. They can also though, become a curse, where we forget in fact who we truly are, and we become forever attached to the masks that we wear, believing that this persona, the one that others see, is in fact our true self. In the Thoth Tarot, this card is named “Strife” and I believe its meaning to be connected to the inner battle that can rage between who we really are and who we are expected to be…. our “mask” and our “true self”, or perhaps as I saw in my journey into this card, a battle between Ego & Heart.

On this New Moon, take the time to recognize where you might need to step out onto the stage, despite your fears and your misgivings and where you may need to face up to any negative speak, or harsh inner criticism that you may have carried inside you. This energy can be a great burden, if we continually struggle against the harshness of inner judgement.

Naturally this is time where the power to command peoples attention is ripe for development, and although care must be taken to ensure that fair play is also attended to, it is a good time to start something where you need to draw attention to yourself, or to bring qualities out into the open, especially if they have been “off stage” for too long. If however, you have been living a life dependent on constant attention, now may be a time to begin a new path, free of the constraints of this focus, a fortuitous time for learning to thrive without constant input or reassurance, learning to live independently, secure in the knowledge of your own excellence.

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New Moon in Leo July 23rd 2017

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