New Moon in Sagittarius Monday Dec18th: A Walk to Remember

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Bob Marley

The New Moon this month, takes place on a stage where the final act of Saturn in Sagittarius is taking place. As the lord of time prepares to enter into his own sign of Capricorn on December 20th, we are, in this New Moon, preparing ourselves to gain a final understanding of what has been happening in our lives since mid September of 2015.

The Ten of Wands
10 of Wands-Wildwood Tarot

During this time, we have been faced with a challenge between our will to expand, to move on, and to grow, and our natural human urge to “hold on” and to “take it all with us”. What we have managed to learn, amongst the trials and tribulations that we have been faced with, leaves us with the commodity of wisdom, something that can only lighten our burden, as we decide what to leave behind us and what we can still carry , on the onward journey. The main aspects to this New Moon, are a Trine to Uranus, a Square to Chiron, and an applying semi-square to Jupiter.

I feel that the last New Moon of this particular Saturn sign, gives us the insight to be inspired by the future horizons that are rapidly opening up in front of us, whilst also challenging us to feel the pain and sadness for what we are being asked to leave behind us. We are also challenged not to get too carried away with the moving on rapidly, and to perhaps take the time to digest fully the experiences of pain and loss that we must also attend to, if the full understanding of this whole period can be gained.

This New Moon occurs in the last decan of Sagittarius, associated with Saturn, and the tarot card The Ten of Wands. The Court Card associated with this period, moving into the solstice season, is The Queen of Disks, and the Major Arcana of Sagittarius is Art.

The Queen is portrayed as resting in a lush oasis, upon a couch formed from a large pineapple. The hardest part of this journey, has been achieved, and she looks back across the desert she has crossed, remembering the times when she felt that she might not make it. It is her indomitable will that has kept her going, and her ability to go through the fires of transformation, to find the treasure that lies there.

“Visit the interior of the Earth and by rectification (purification) you will find the hidden stone.”


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This New Moon encourages us to remember that we do not always have a choice, in what life throws at us. Sometimes we are faced with matters of necessity, where we must decide whether we move forward, or whether we give up. The strength that we have gained over the last two years, whilst Saturn has been in Sagittarius, has been preparing us for this moment, the moment where we decide, whether to commit to our path, or whether to rescind.

Watch out for the Tarot Spread, that will follow this post! HERE

New Moon Blessings to you all, and may The Goddess watch over you. 

Title picture is a painting by David Roberts, Abu Simbel in Egypt, as it was when he arrived there, prior to the building of the Aswan Dam. It doesn’t look like that now!

New Moon in Sagittarius. December 18th

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