The New Moon in Capricorn January 17th The Power Of One

The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.

Mahatma Gandhi

Edmund Blair Leighton- Accolade
Accolade- Edmund-Blair-Leighton

This month, the New Moon in the last decan of Capricorn, emerges into a sky laden with earth, and proclaims the beginning of a cycle that is concerned with the ordering of your domain.

Stepping into your own power, and marking out your own personal boundaries, are what the next six months will be all about, as you seek to don the mantle of personal responsibility. It becomes necessary to draw back from trying to save others, or to clinging on to situations that have outgrown their usefulness, and it use this New Moon, to stake your claim.

There is likely to be a sense of “arrival” especially if this New Moon contacts personal planets in the chart closely, and a strong awareness of new beginnings beckoning. There may also be feelings of doubt too, as the longed for permission, to break free of restraint, and to act with self interest, arouses fears. Fears such as that of being judged, of being disliked, of not being deserving, of letting others down, may all emerge at this time, as we struggle to stand strong and bear the weight of the decisions that we have made.

As we cut loose from past situations that have cramped our style, or held us back  in some way, we both fear and lust after this change. How will we respond to this new responsibility, will we act in the right way? will the power go to our heads, will we bring shame upon ourselves, will we weaken and crumble under the burden?

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The Images of The Prince of Swords, The Four of Disks and The Devil, give clues to the energy of this New Moon.

Cutting away from past situations that have held us in their thrall, will allow us to discover our own potency and power. In the process, we may be led through a hall of mirrors, as we discover that that which has had power over us in the past, becomes our greatest strength. Over the next six months we will be given the chance to discover the potency that we have longed for, to be the authority that we have so desperately needed, and the safety and security within ourselves that is prerequisite for discover the self-love that we have craved.

Watch out for the next post, containing a Tarot Spread designed with the astrology of the moment in mind.

wishing you a Blessed New Moon & and may the goddess watch over you.

New Moon in Capricorn January 17th 2018

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