Full Moon in Aries “The Burning Rose”

Passion is the genesis of genius.

Galileo Galilei

On October 13th it arrives, The Full Moon in Aries, the culmination of a six month period that originated on April 5th 2019.

Beleaguered by the slow steady and attrition of  Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn, this Aries cycle has been tough. girlonfireChallenged to create a world of your own choosing, you may have had to accept the loss of much that you have in the past , held dear. There may have been the opportunity to “revisit” the past in some way, and to “put things right” on an energetic level, and through this, to build a better relationship with your own sense of “personal authority”, to heed the call of your own sense of inner justice.  

Through its culmination, this cycle may give you the much needed clarity you have needed in regards to highly charged emotional situations in your life, situations that you may had thought  were vital, but which under the illumination of the Full Moon, have been put into perspective, diminishing somewhat in their glory and their importance.

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This Full Moon is a powerful reminder that peak experiences are just that, “peak”, and that very often, they lack the material substance to endure. The perfection that we glimpse in the heat of the moment, opens the doors to our connection with the divine;they are portals to inspire us and no more. To allow this energy to flow through us is the key, for to try to capture it is to invite disaster, and entangles us in a yearning for which there is unlikely to be any resolution.


The seeds which lie within the center of the burning rose bring visions of extraordinary beauty and passion, but are just that, seeds. Their bright and incandescent glow is but momentary, and is the inspiration and foundation stone of a peaceful and balanced heart.  Their gift is the certainty that you have come through a challenging period of change and transformation, better able to meet the challenges that lie ahead of you. You understand that nothing so hard won can be taken from you, and that this is the corner -stone of a resilience that will serve you ever after. 



The Astrologers Diary 

131_WOYS_wheel-of-year-pagan-holiday-calendar-900x900The Full Moon every month offers an opportunity to release old cycles, and as an Astrologer, I find it to be a useful exercise for myself and in working with others, to use the energy of each particular Full Moon, according to the Sabian Symbol that it falls on, together with the position in which it falls in the Natal Chart. Such considerations can be invaluable in steering through ups and downs, and in becoming “easy” with the ebb and flow of what life brings.  


This particular Full Moon highlights the following cycle: 

New Moon in the 16th Degree of Aries: April 5th 2019: NATURE SPIRITS ARE SEEN AT WORK IN THE LIGHT OF SUNSET: Attunement to the potency of the invisible forces of nature.                 

Full Moon in the 21st degree of Aries: October 13th 2019 : A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING: The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.

This particular cycle for me, has been one of “manifestation” and bringing ideas to fruition. Many things that were “envisioned” six months ago, are now “in play”… and the last month or so has been quite “fevered” as things have been settling into place. As Aries is on my 10th house, how I am before the public… this has been what this cycle has been all about for me, becoming more and more in the public eye, and forging ahead fearlessly to work in an independent an “new” way. 

I have come to see how my work with “family constellations” will blend with my work as an astrologer, and I am excited to begin working with people in that way… I have a few “guinea pigs” at the start line, and I will keep you all updated on the progress!. 

This kind of “house-keeping” engendered by the Moon’s cycle can be invaluable in keeping “on track” with life, rising to the inner rhythms, and flowing with the lunar tides. wom1Knowing which houses the Full Moon falls in, and whether it is in close aspect with any planets in your chart can be an invaluable tool, along with the wider cycle of the Progressed Moon, for discovering the secret rhythms of your daily life. 

A free natal chart wheel can be set up at www.astro.com  



My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives for now Head Shot Fadein the South West of Ireland. Throughout my life, I have watched as the planets have woven their stories into my life; as Jupiter has brought me the desires of my deepest longings and as Pluto has torn my life into shreds, and eaten the remains. I have answered the clarion calls of Saturn, as he has brought me to new lands, to hardship, and also to deep learning, and have also witnessed that he has never left my side. Uranus has ensured that I have not stayed in any one location for very long, whilst Mars & Venus have led me by the nose on far more occasions than I care to recall, but who have also brought their passionate efe5e34ac3b2f4dc8d851a9fa3eb13d1creative spirit to the fore in my life. Neptune has beguiled and confused me, but also entranced and inspired, whilst Mercury has made certain that I have studied the reasons “why” for everything to the “nth” degree. The Moon, my eternal guide on this journey and the lady of my own chart, has given me my deep love of The Stars, steering me ever onwards along the path to seek The Sun.

At this stage in my life, it is time to give back….. and my long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice in offering guidance and empowerment, helping others to lead a more authentic, productive and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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