The Full Moon in Gemini “The Power of Now”

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.   


The seed point of this current cycle occurred six months ago, at the New Moon in Gemini, bringing images of “information overload” as we attempted to make sense of the deluge of information in regards to invisible aggressors that seemed to threaten our very existence. Politics, Media and Advertising, the modern-day Magicians, exploit our human fears in regards to the issues of Viruses, Climate Change, 5G, Recession and so on, an endless list of foes that undermine us, threatening our families, our loved ones, our fellow humans and the beautiful world around us. Now, this six month journey culminates, giving us the opportunity to let go of the build up of mental tension, to use the moon’s waning cycle to gradually release the damaging and worrisome thoughts that undermine our stability.

The card that I drew this week from brand new “Oracle of Change”, is the card that illustrates the journey of The Three of Wands.

The message of this card urges the creation of a kingdom that you would inhabit, rather than to inhabit that which you have inherited. Be mindful that your energy will attract, according to its vibration; this card alerts you to the need to be the ruler of your own domain and to create that which you would wish to see, with all your heart and soul, knowing that others, who respond to a similar vision, will find their way into your life.

Wise advice from this beautiful card, which shows that the more that you focus on what you do not want to see, the more you draw exactly that, into your life. Being grateful for the richness that we hold in our hands, awakens us to the potential for creating more of that which we crave, and it is down to us to ensure that it is new life that we create. At this Full Moon, try to let go of the mental bonds that trap and ensnare, to become freer to envision the new world that you wish to see.

Thoth Journey-The Oracle of Change

Gift Boxed Numbered and Signed Limited First Edition.

Full Colour Illustrated Book with Gilt Edged 79 Card Oracle Deck

A new age is dawning, with a need for a new wisdom, one that comes from the heart. This book is dedicated to all those who find themselves, for whatever reason, in darkness; given with love, this work, is a product of our times.


In the glory of my fullness, I speak to you, revealing the truth as I see it at this moment. There are no secrets here, for if you are brave enough to look, all will be declared. Now it is time to turn away from all that is no longer fulfilling for you. I empower you to live your authentic self, to be unashamed of your fullness, to embrace your own power, to proclaim your true self, without fear. In Gemini-I Think: And my thoughts flit out into the air of the world like butterflies in summer. I gather and distribute, collect and share, I link and lace wherever I find, bringing ideas and thoughts together, that would not otherwise find each other. I am mischievous, psycho-pomp, walker between worlds, light and dark. My face is always smiling and I hide my darkness even from myself.. ©JKG

The Astrologers Diary


The Full Moon every month offers an opportunity to find closure, and to let go of patterns that have outlived their purpose in your life. As an Astrologer, I find it to be a useful exercise for myself and in working with others, to use the energy of each particular Full Moon to clarify the energy of the last six months according to the Sabian Symbol that it falls on, together with the position in which it falls in the Natal Chart. Such considerations can be invaluable in steering through ups and downs, and in becoming “easy” with the ebb and flow of what life brings.  

This particular Full Moon falls in the 9th degree of Gemini:


This Symbol implies the ability of being able to take aim at something and achieving a bull’s eye, straight at the target. You need to be sure of what you want, to make sure your aim is true, arm yourself and then going after what you want. Your situation is one that requires skill, focus and knowledge of local conditions. There is no need to just rush forward hoping for the best, as this will only leave you feeling inadequate when you do find something. Compose yourself for a moment and realize that you have the ammunition and the sure marksmanship before taking aim and committing yourself.

A Blessed Full Moon to You All, May The Goddess Watch Over You

Full Moon in Gemini- November 30th 2020
Joanna Grant. D.F.Astrol.S

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the beautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practicing some new form of divination whilst burning the dinner! My children probably wish that I was “normal” but may well remember my eccentricities fondly when they come to face the challenges of their own paths. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice, in offering guidance, empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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