The Daily Thoth: Friday March 24th 2017

Although today you may feel calm and at peace, there could be doubts in your heart about the direction that you are heading in at the moment. In some way it could feel that you are being asked to sacrifice too much for an end result that you cannot clearly see, and you may not feel one hundred percent about the validity of the goal that you are striving for.

There may be a sense that your current position is challenging you to look deeper than surface appearances and to examine your deepest motivations, and to whether your actions spring from a desire to obey unseen messages that you may have been listening to for a lifetime. Are your current actions serving your long term purpose, or are you carrying on a pattern of behaviour that you have long outgrown?. Know that the correct awareness will arise within you in due course, and that this is a valuable part of the journey, in that peace and clarity will emerge when all else has fallen by the wayside.

The 10 of Wands, The 8 of Cups, The 2 of Swords.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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