The Daily Thoth: Thursday March 30th 2017

An awareness of the endless cycle of life is the underpinning energy today, combined with the emerging awareness of what needs to be cut away from your life in order for you to connect with your essential life purpose. As you work through what may have been quite challenging times, you are becoming more and more aware of the ‘sun’ that shines within, and the importance of continually moving on, of expanding your awareness of what your life is for, so that you can live the truth of what you are in the outer world. Nothing remains static, and in order to retain the freshness and vitality of your creative power, and to meet life’s challenges with energy and conviction, it is important for you to move on from the masks that you have been using to hide behind. Today you are encouraged to drop the outmoded protection that you may have been using to hide from the world, and to reveal a more authentic side of yourself. See this not as a loss, but rather more as a liberation of the soul, allowing a more genuine version of yourself to emerge, to engage in the world, free from the restrictions that life has til now placed upon you…. Allow your sun to shine!!.

Fortune, The Sun, The Queen of Swords.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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