The Daily Thoth: Wednesday April 5th 2017

Enthusiasm and bravery, excitement and daring, all lie beneath the surface today as you strive to reach past your fears and to engage with life free from restriction. However, in all your innocence and desire, remember that effective action is best achieved from a strong mental position, and that calm and balance are prerequisite for facing into what will approach. Juggling the demands of what lies ahead will require a strong mental foundation and you are urged to remember that the face with which you meet the world is a powerful tool, not quite the same as the essential self that lives within. Remember that in order to meet your challenges, that impetuous behavior will not always win the day, but that a focus on the calm point of self will express more effectively your creativity and passion into the waiting world.

The Princess of Wands, The 4 of Swords, The 5 of Wands.

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Images reproduced from the Thoth Tarot with the permission of US Games

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