The Daily Thoth: Thursday April 6th 2017

Love whispers in the background today, reminding you of what it is all for, and that she has her own processes, of trial and refinement. Much must be undergone before the final work is revealed however and although you yourself are aware of all that goes on beneath the surface, others are not. No one else is party to the difficulties that you endure, and all the “dirty work” that goes on back stage. Some of it may be unsavoury and troubling, yet you carry it all within. Know that this dynamic is fuelled by your desire for contact with your essential emotional and spiritual source; it is not the end result. The difficulties and mental stress that may be occurring in your outer life are a by-product of what is going on within. This path may incur some difficult and painful decisions, and it is likely that an aspect of your own nature, that has outlived its purpose is passing away at this time; know that it is the right time, and that in some way, a conclusion has been reached. This is all part of your own internal evolution, and points to a resolution of any current issues, and the beginning of a new cycle by midsummer.

The 2 of Cups, The 9 of Disks, The 10 of Swords.

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