Full Moon in Libra, April 11th 2017. Meeting your Nemesis

For the last 6 months, the idea of Justice has been infiltrating our psyches through the Lunar cycle that was started with the New Moon in the first decan of Libra on September 30th 2016. On the morning of April 11th 2017 (B.S.T) we reach the culmination of this process, one that has led us from a desire to seek balance and truth within our relationships, to the need to find the still point in the very eye of the storm of our hearts desires. Fairness and equality must lie at the root of all our relationships, whether platonic or sexual, if they are to stand the test of time, and this is what the energy of this period has been all about.

However our relationships have been operating, the light of truth will have been shone upon them during this time, to reveal their beauty, their difficulty, their ugliness and their power; nothing escapes from the sightless eyes of Maat.  In the desire to dig deep and explore any inequalities and injustices that we may have suspected of loitering beneath the surface of our closest unions, we have been challenged to open the doors to our deepest needs and desires to reveal all that we contain. To walk the path through the fury of the storm that was so released, may have been no easy task, and the challenge to find the calm center within, may have seemed at times to be impossible. The goal has been the eye within the storm… a place from where we can operate, assured that we stand in our own truth. This reward comes at the culmination of this cycle that ends with this Full Moon, falling in the last Decan of Libra. The Goddess Nemesis is associated with this realm, she who meted out justice to the unfortunate Narcissus, who fell in love with the beauty of his own self, and died within his own cursed reflection. Nemesis ensures that those who are guilty of hubris, do not remain unpunished for their sins, although she also extends a blessing of happiness to those who as yet remain unrewarded. The challenge of this cycle has been to find your center within the fury of the storm, and to stay the course, knowing that justice will be reached, and that all things will come to their correct place, regardless of the events that surround you. If you have laid down the gauntlet, and dared to look within to search for the truth, then this is what this cycle may have offered you, the opportunity to know the self, to discover the castle of calm that lies within you and from which you can relate to another from a place of pure balance.

Full Moon in Libra Nemesis

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