Thoth Tarot Daily: Thursday May 18th 2017

An interesting bundle today where you are confronted with the matter of aligning your deep sense of passion and lust for life with your desire for love of beauty and peace. You crave the divine intoxication of lust, and the profound connection with the source that this brings, and know that this is vital for you. How to bring this into manifestation? How to find that place where you can lose yourself in the totality of the experience, yet also hold that experience forever in your heart. You want a lover and a husband, a mistress and a wife…. you want it all!! These sometimes disparate yet related longings unite today and you see that your challenge is to bring these passions together under one roof, and to recognize that you require no less than this.  The struggle to express both these energies finds its best home in the hands of the artist, who can mold and deepen the fiery passions of creation into the serene beauty of the finished product. If you’re working with relationships, nothing less than brutal honesty about who you are will meet with success; allow your intense passion to be expressed with pride and without fear through the face of love. The changes that you have undergone lately suggest that you are walking a new path of authenticity and honesty about who you actually are…. now is the time to live this out in your waking life.

The 9 of Wands, Lust, The Empress

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