The Full Moon in Taurus: November 4th 2017-A Dance With The Force of Creation.

“You have the power to make manifest that which is not yet visible, to create that which is still unborn.”

~ Margot Anand

Perfecting with an exact Venus Uranus opposition, this Full Moon falls in the middle decan of Taurus, associated with The Six of Disks, and may well witness the success or failure of any relationship, or financial situation that has been on shaky ground, it is a pivotal point. The culmination of seed set six months ago, this Lunar Cycle has been concerned with the importance of starting as you mean to continue, of working with intent, and with sustained effort and rhythm, to bring to fruition the results that you desire. The success or failure of a project, has depended this time upon the balance of energies concerned, and any failure that occurs now, suggests that there may have been an imbalance between head and heart. If the mind has been engaged, but at the expense of emotional surrender, then the success that you may have hoped for could evade you at this point. This cycle has suggested to us that it was not enough to vainly spread seed without thought for the coming months, enjoying only the delights of what was on offer. The difficulties and challenges of the crop needed attending to, there was a prospect of labour, and a reminder that a good harvest is hard won, and not merely the easy reward of a passing notion.

The seeding New Moon in Taurus, that took place on the 26th of April, was accompanied by a Venus Chiron conjunction, suggesting that promises then, may have been sown in pain and sorrow, as a hopeful dream of salvation, rather than as a realistic vision of growth. What continues on under this Lunation, is likely to be made stronger and more resilient, whilst that which has reached the end of its lifespan will be released and let go.


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The journey between Five & Six on the Tree of Life, is associated with the card Adjustment, and it is the weighing up, the reorientation and the balance of our inner and outer lives that we have had to wrestle with in the last six months. The changes that we have made in the outer world, need to reflect the changes that we have made on an internal level, and so the structures and supports that we rely on, must reflect any internal changes that have occurred. We know now, from the experiences that we have undergone, that there is nothing gained through trying to “prop up” our sense of self with  external situations, and that if our “heart” is not “in it” then there is no point in continuing for the sake of appearances.

“……..I look again at the green dragon that is rolling around on the floor beside Saturn’s careful administrations, and realize that he must do his work with the consideration of what lies in his heart, for otherwise his actions will never amount to anything, all his efforts will be futile. I see that it is the same for all the other energies that are working within the star, that to work without awareness of what lies in the heart, is not to work, it is to be bound and enslaved.” 

From Thoth Journey: “The Six of Disks

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Full Moon Blessings to you all, and may The Goddess watch over you. 

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