Full Moon in Cancer January 2nd 2018-: Birth Pains.

Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.     

William MacNeile Dixon

On June 24th 2017, there was a New Moon falling in the first decan of Cancer, which I explored in the post “A Love As Sweet As Mothers Milk“. Now, at the Full Moon, these seeds are coming to fruition.  This current Full Moon falls in thesecond decan of Cancer, traditionally associated with The Three of Cups, and through the Birthcycle links the seeding in the Two with the productivity of the Three, highlighting the wonder, work, trial and pain of gestation and transition, something that might be compared to the process of childbirth.

Plans, relationships, projects and paths that were started at the beginning of the summer, have now reached their culmination, something that may not be as joyous and frivolous as we might generally associate with the card The Three of Cups.

When we look at The Three of Cups, we see only the celebration of birth, we do not feel the birth pains that both mother and child endure in the process, so whether our plans have reached a successful culmination or they have failed in the process, only we will know the true pain and labour that we have undergone in order to “birth” our creativity into the world. Like the mother of a stillborn child, we may not even “have” anything to show for our troubles, if our plans, our relationships, our dreams… have failed to manifest this time around. Yet we are still mothers, we have still gone through the process, the growing, the hope, the planning, but not all of us will have a “child” at the end of the journey to show for our troubles.

Even those of us who have been successful, know only too well the difficulties that we have endured, but that also, our “children” are stronger for the difficulties that they have endured, and that we, as creators, have been irrevocably changed by the whole process of conception, gestation and birth, “successful” or not, that we have embarked upon.

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Looking back to the New Moon, we see that there was a need to look at what we “truly” wanted to give birth to, our authentic needs and desires, so we could more creatively align ourselves with what we actually wanted. This path, if entered into fully, is likely to have led us on a difficult journey, but one that had/has the potential to connect us with our own sense of spirituality and divinity.

Whether our “children”, have been born safely, alive and kicking, is not certain, but as “mothers” we will know intensely, the passage that has brought us to this place, a journey that has changed us forever.

Art Credit: Salvador Dali

Full Moon in Cancer January 2nd 2018

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