Jupiter in Sagittarius- Make Each day a New Horizon.

Everything beautiful that we create in life requires a leap of faith.

Paul Budnitz

This week, the planet Jupiter, known in astrology as “The Greater Benefic” (Venus being “The Lesser”) moved into his home territory of Sagittarius, where he will remain until early December 2019.

The retrograde phase of jupiter next year, will take place between April 11th & August 11th, and will cover from 14 degrees to 24 degrees of Sagittarius. At this time, expect to have to go back over situations that you have been exploring through the year, in order to get a greater understanding of matters. Although this may feel difficult, depending on the situation in your natal chart, expect to come out of the other side with more than you arrived with, and a clearer perception of the “bigger picture”

Wherever Jupiter is in the natal chart, there is the potential for strength, optimism, hedonism and expansiveness. This planet brings confidence and impetuousness into the areas that he touches and draws the native towards experiences that offer excitement, exuberance, and even perhaps a little danger. Experiences in this particular area also offer situations that teach us and expand our awareness of life, even if at times we may feel overwhelmed by what is going on.

Under a strong Jupiter transit, we may feel that we have overstretched ourselves, or gone too far, taken on too much, or overstepped the mark. However, after everything has calmed down again, we are likely to be left with the sense that life has changed us for the better, given us a new wisdom that we did not have before, and that we have we have changed for the better, become greater than we were.

In keeping with Jupiters reputation for humour and jollity, I am taking a slightly irreverent tour of the possible experiences that each of the 12 signs will experience under Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius over the next year.

New Moon in Aries

Aries: Always desperate for something new and exciting, Aries like all the fire signs, will respond well to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Beware however of overextending yourself Aries, you will not be able to do it all! Although the main desire will be to escape from your life and to pursue spiritual enlightenment in some far flung land, it is likely that you will be forced to discover understanding closer to home. A course of further education of some sort may well be on the cards, and in the process you may well find the truth and understanding that you didn’t know that you were looking for.

New Moon in Taurus April 26.

Taurus: In keeping with the Taurus’ need to experience pleasure and pain, to understand life, Jupiter in Sagittarius will fling you into a rollercoaster of emotional experiences that is guaranteed to bring sensations to the max. Intense and passionate encounters await you, and be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true. Other people’s feelings, passions, money and garbage may clutter your world, but life will not be dull. Dig deep, take the shit, find the hidden wealth.


Gemini: For Gemini, its all about relationships…. big ones, small ones, serious ones, frivolous ones. Relationships of all kinds will draw your attention, and the intensity of it all may feel rather overwhelming for you. Your usual “butterfly attitude” towards others will be seriously tested this year! Get stuck in, take it all on and see what happens…. the ride(s) could be wild, you could end up in the ditch, but you could end up on top of the world… take a chance and take that leap of faith, whatever happens you will have a tale to tell.

Tarot Spread for Cancer New Moon

Cancer: Its work work work for Cancer under this transit, and quite possibly a kick up the backside that will teach you that you need to do something that has meaning for you. If you are stuck into a rut Cancer, and your daily routine has no pleasure, events will conspire to rip you out of your safe shell, and make changes. Taking up a new sport, study or practice that changes things up will eventually help you to feel happier, and healthier, even if you get motion sickness on the way there!

North Node in Leo b

Leo: Creativity and Romance are top of the agenda for Leo under this transit so it’s go go go in these areas, so much so that everything could get way too over the top….. and topple. For breeding Leos, more children could arrive, and for others, creative and artistic projects will take priority on the agenda….Single Leos could find the year spangled with romance that enlarges their already overactive heart…. but in all situations it’s time to have fun, play and live it up…. just make sure that you have enough money to cover the bills…. Leo likes to party in style.


Virgo: Virgo will be focussing on family this year, and may well be thinking of relocating, or improving their home in some way. You may find yourself trawling through the property sites, planning your dream home, hoarding look books, or making endless vision boards. For those Virgo’s that are not so mobile, exploring your family history, or taking a family holiday could be the way that you re-establish the sense of understanding and meaning that you are looking for.

New Moon in Libra

Libra: Suave and silver tongued, Libra will use this phase to make connections and to explore the potentials in the local area. This is a great year for networking Libra, although you need to make sure that it is not all hot air and parties! Teaching your skills to others could be a possibility and could establish you in a new way. If you naturally shy away from dealing with your correspondence, and day to day paperwork, this could be the year when it all comes to a head, and you finally learn once and for all, to keep on top of it.

Scorpio Yuhon

Scorpio: Spending could get out of control this year Scorpio, as you may feel so good about yourself that you find it difficult to keep up with the maintenance.Money will be a focus, and you could gain or lose big amounts this year. This could be a great time to get over your darkness and express gratitude for all that you have…. harness that Scorpio power to make more, rather than allowing it to all flow down the sinkhole as per usual.


Sagittarius: It’s all about you this year, and enthusiasm is high. The sky’s the limit this year Sagittarius, so make the most of it. Overreaching and over enthusiasm are possible, so make sure those wings you are using are not made of wax. Keep your eyes on the ground at all times, and there will be nothing that you cannot achieve!


Capricorn: Its time to clean house Capricorn…. all those muddy corners that you have been avoiding for the last 12 years, so get your apron on. Never afraid of hard work, Capricorn this year will be challenged to face things that they would prefer to leave undisturbed. Its not that scary Capricorn… go on, open the door…. aaaaaagh! now it’s over, lets get decluttering, you know you can do it! It may even bring you something that you have only dreamed of.


Aquarius: Make connections Aquarius, get with the group and find new friends. This is a great year for achieving some long held dreams, so use the energy to travel, learn and generally expand your world in all the ways that you have thought about. The challenge will be to focus in one particular area and to keep up the momentum, rather than waste the time in being a busy fool.

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces: Its time to get out there Pisces, get out into the world. As Jupiter is also your ruler, this energy is something that you can really tune into and to use it to go places. This year, find the confidence to change your career path, get that new job, or deal with that annoying boss that has been plaguing you. Its time to make a difference to how you are in the world, and to welcome in a larger stage.

My name is Joanna Grant, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Writer, who lives on the Head Shot Fadebeautiful Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland. I can often be found at home, deep in arcane research, or practicing some new form of divination whilst burning the dinner! My children probably wish that I was “normal” but may well remember my eccentricities fondly when they come to face the challenges of their own paths. My long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs my practice, in offering guidance, empowerment and healing, helping others to lead a more authentic and magical life. You can read more about me here.

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