The Daily Thoth:Tuesday 28th February 2017

After yesterday’s sense of connection and open communication you are able to see how your mental turmoil may be linked to how you are presenting yourself to the world, and to the importance of leading a life that is inwardly and outwardly rich. Presenting a successful appearance to the world, if it does not reflect your inner state is unlikely to be helpful to you now, causing you to feel more unsettled in your mind. Today you gain clarity about the wealth that you contain, and your desire to share this with the outer world, to show the strength of all you have learned, and all you contain. You know that you are in exactly the right place, and that it is time to accept all that you find in yourself, that you have far greater talents than you may be exhibiting right now. Know too, that any sense of injury or pain is now receding and that within the endings that you find today, that the seeds of a new life are already emerging. It is time for you to lead your life in a way that is authentic to your own beliefs, to be unafraid of yielding yourself up to your life in a way that is valuable and meaningful. The fears that you have are likely to be self generated, and perhaps connected in some way to the messages and morals that you may have inherited from your family or your peers… you recognize today that true freedom to be exactly who you are is the most important thing at the moment, and that now more than ever, it is wise to listen to the voice of your own heart, and to pass through the door.

The Universe, The 10 of Swords, The 10 of Disks.

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