The Daily Thoth: Wednesday March 1st 2017

Today, you are able to gain clarity about how your attachment to current emotional situations may be robbing you of further experiences, and in turn, the success that is there for you in the world. Allowing yourself to remain in a static place at the moment will not help you to grow, and the storms are brewing on the horizon. Staying safely in your comfort zone, will eventually poison the clear waters that you see now, and you are challenged today to rip open this caul of security and to reveal the true nature of what is here for you. New flashes of insight today, alert you to how this may be done, and will perhaps indicate that if you are able to enter into fully with what your heart and soul dictate, to connect with abandon to the essence of your own creative joy, then you will eventually encounter a greater sense of grounding and reward than the temporary safety that may be surrounding you now. Having the courage to connect to your own vitality and life purpose is key, as you weigh up the choices of staying in the comfort zone, or moving out to embrace what is there for you.

The 4 of Cups, The Ace of Swords, The 6 of Disks.

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