The Daily Thoth: Monday March 13th 2017

Today we are faced with the matter of balance, of adjustment, perhaps even of divine justice, as we examine our choices, our life style and the need that we have at the moment to harmonise the potential that we have with the reality that we experience in the outer world. It may seem at the moment as if the sense of our inner selves is not reflected in our lives at the moment, and if this is the case, then we may need to make some alterations to our lives. The potential that you hold at the moment is high, you have all the potentials that you need at the moment to make all that you wish for become manifest, but in some way, you may be short changing yourself, accepting less than what you truly deserve through a lack of belief in your own self worth. Know that you truly are deserving of everything that you wish for, but by holding back through a lack of self belief, you may deny yourself the depth of success that you yearn for. Your tendency at the moment may be to focus on all that is wrong with a situation, rather than all that is right, and believing that because of the faults, that everything will go wrong. Rather you may be better advised to look at all that is right, and to follow the dictates of your deepest senses, and ask yourself whether you are holding back from something because of a deep fear of being hurt. Take the courage to lay yourself open to, to risk yourself and to see how authentic and real this makes you feel. Know now that you have all at your disposal, and that you are able to make the changes necessary in order for your desires to manifest, if you can be truly unafraid to express the truth of your own heart.

The 6 of Disks, Adjustment, The 5 of Swords.

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